Heartbreaking twist in MAFS couple Melinda and Layton's split

It appears the fan-favourite couple might not be reuniting anytime soon.

It’s been four weeks since Married At First Sight’s Melinda Willis and Layton Mills announced they had decided to “take time apart” and separate after one year together.

The couple, who met while filming the reality show’s tenth season, reassured their followers that they “still care very deeply for each other” and the news “doesn’t mean our lives can’t come back together” in the future.

MAFS’ Melinda and Layton.
MAFS’ Melinda and Layton announced last month that they had decided to ‘take time apart’ and separate. Photo: Channel Nine

One month after sharing the news on social media, however, it appears the potential of any romantic reunion is no longer on the cards.

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that Melinda unfollowed Layton on Instagram earlier this week and removed all posts with him from her page.

She’s also deleted the majority of photos from her time on MAFS, except a solo snap from a dinner party and a gallery from the reunion.


Meanwhile, it appears Layton is no longer following Melinda but has yet to delete any of their photos together from his page.

A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the pair both “felt the pressure to be a perfect couple” after Australia watched them fall in love, which was one of the reasons behind their separation.

MAFS’ Melinda at a dinner party / Melinda at the reunion.
Melinda has only kept two photos from her MAFS experience on social media. Photos: Channel Nine

'I just don't like me anymore'

Melinda took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday night to share that she had been struggling to return to normal life following her stint on the reality show.

“Feeling down today but that’s okay, it’s expected it’s been a big year,” she wrote. “I opened some of my old kitchenware from before I packed up for MAFS and was taken back to a time [when] I was truly in power and the best version of me.

“I loved doing MAFS but I just don’t like me anymore if I’m honest. Get me back to a 9-5 please, it’s been a while.”


This comes shortly after Melinda told Yahoo Lifestyle that the biggest piece of advice she would offer the 2024 MAFS participants is to be completely honest and open-minded throughout the experiment.

“Just be really authentic and genuine, show your entire self, all your layers, don’t hide things, don’t be guarded, and don’t be closed-minded,” Melinda lists.

“You've literally just got to trust the process and throw yourself completely in. Otherwise if you don't do that, especially for a couple like myself and Layton, if we both weren't doing that the whole time there's no way we would have come out the other end because we were so rocky and [there was] so much going on.”

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