MAFS' Beck slams the show after cheating scandal

Married At First Sight's Beck Zemek is finally speaking out since it was revealed she cheated on her 'husband' Jake Edwards before their final vows on the show.

Beck had flown home for a short period of time to be with her sick dog and while she was there she had been given a phone by producers to capture some video footage of her time in Perth.

MAFS' Beck Zemek has slammed the show, saying,
MAFS' Beck Zemek has slammed the show, saying, "The whole thing is a load of crap," before revealing what really happened between her and Jake. Photo: Nine

In one video she tells the camera: "I spoke to Jake before and made sure he was all okay without us."

"I'm only just waiting for the results back (for the dog), but hopefully can get back soon and see Jake again, cause I kind of miss him."

A man is then seen on camera with Beck excitedly kissing him out of shot as the camera falls.

"That was my brother," Beck insisted before coming clean, saying he was an ex.


Jake was in shock about the whole situation, saying he was "shattered", however, Beck has since shared that we didn't see a lot of what actually happened that night and slammed producers for how they treat the participants throughout the experiment.

During an interview with the Kyle and Jackie O show, Beck shared what really happened in the video.

When asked why Beck would give producers that video, she responded: "Because a full video would show that it wasn't anything sexual it wasn't anything if they showed the whole thing. It lined up with my story which was also edited out of the final episode in regards to what happened. And I actually didn't think it would get shown, like in my eyes, it wasn't that bad but when you play it that way, the way it's edited..."

Kyle Sandilands jumped in and asked about her version of events, to which she responded: "Yeah, so I gave a complete story of what happened it was all edited out like at the end of the day the whole thing is a load of crap. I think if [viewers] want to watch the show. Watch it, but take it as characters because no one is the way they're portrayed on that show."

Kyle agreed, saying most people on reality shows aren't portrayed the way they really are and asked why most reality stars don't tell the truth as early as possible.

"You're on a gag contract you know talking to you guys now I'll probably get a good old phone call in the next five minutes, but the one thing you see on the show is that I'm not one to sit and not say anything I will speak out and be honest," she said.

"If I've been given a partner that I'm not interested in I'm gonna say it. If I don't want to be there, I'm going to write leave, and that's me and here I am telling you that the show is edited. Like, for example, I actually flew to Melbourne, to be with Jake before Jake flew to Perth."

Beck and Jake seemed to be getting along pretty well onscreen, but offscreen, a lot was happening that we didn't see, according to Beck. Photo: Nine
Beck and Jake seemed to be getting along pretty well onscreen, but offscreen, a lot was happening that we didn't see, according to Beck. Photo: Nine

Jackie 'O' Henderson asked Beck what her version of events was and the reality star explained how she'd been told by producers she was not allowed to leave her house when she flew to Perth, so she needed someone else to take her dog to the vet.

"In the original footage, you'll see this guy obviously come over and be really excited to see me. It's not bled out so you can see that it's not sexual kissing, and then I'm like, 'Don't get carried away. Look, you know you're here for my dog, I'm married', made a little bit of a joke about it, like, 'Yeah, like in your dreams,' or something like that."

Conversation then turned to Bryce Ruthven, who Beck was known for calling out for having a secret girlfriend on the show. Beck revealed she doesn't actually dislike Bryce as much as it looked like she did and producers made her poke and prod him constantly otherwise they wouldn't let the participants leave the dinner parties at a reasonable hour.

Beck even said that Jake refused any physical intimacy that she initiated. Photo: Nine
Beck even said that Jake refused any physical intimacy that she initiated. Photo: Nine

"I didn't want to talk to Bryce and probe him about anything and even at the start, I didn't even know there was a rumour and I swear producers set this up where they told everyone that he had a secret girlfriend.

"I actually walked into the dinner party with Jake, and that's when we found out about it. The only information I had is that he was buying a gift.

"So, I sat at the table and said to everyone, Bryce, never told me he had a girlfriend, let's make this clear, but this is what he did tell me, and that's when he didn't own it, like no dude, own what is correct. I don't even know if the rest is correct but I'm trying to shut this down. Yeah, he kept digging himself deeper so that's how that happened and I don't like the dishonesty that came from Bryce, like, just own it."

Beck also went on to say that Jake was completely different off-camera and even refused any physical intimacy that she initiated.

"The show is not what I thought I'd get myself into. You don't even speak to the experts, they've got earpieces in, the poor guys just sit there changing the direction of conversation to get what [producers] need.

"Even with Jake and I, so it again doesn't get aired, but when he and I are fighting at the dinner table that night with the honesty box saying that he puts more into the relationship. I actually corner him in front of the group, which I probably shouldn't have done but I said, I walk around naked all the time, I'm always naked in the shower inviting you in trying to, you know, be intimate with you and then as soon as I asked you to come into the shower, you need to go for a run or you're on the phone."

Kyle joked that that sounds like a better version than what was actually shown to viewers.

Beck later admitted she'd slept with someone since leaving the show, but isn't exclusively dating anyone at this point.

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