Al Perkins reveals biggest challenge going from MAFS to Love Island

He was one of the most loved participants on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, capturing the hearts of viewers with his infectious personality and infamous shoeys, and now Al Perkins is embarking on a whole new adventure as a contestant on Love Island.

The 26-year-old’s appearance on the dating show was officially confirmed on Friday, with his arrival being teased as “the wildest Love Island bomb ever”.

MAFS' Al Perkins on Love Island.
MAFS fan favourite Al Perkins is set to appear on this year’s season of Love Island. Photo: Channel Nine

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle about his upcoming appearance, Al says he’s “so grateful” he was given the opportunity to enter the villa.

“I can't believe I'm doing two shows in the one year, it’s quite full on!” he remarks.

“I did MAFS previously and that was fun. I really enjoyed the experience, but this is more up my alley. Just being surrounded by beautiful people, sitting around the pool, working on our tan and working on our relationships - it can’t get any better.”

While the carpenter-turned-reality TV star had the time of his life filming the new season in Mallorca, Spain, he admits it was difficult transitioning between the two Channel Nine shows and adjusting to a whole new format.

“Obviously on MAFS you’re with that one person the whole way through,” he details. “Whether you do or don’t like the person, you have to make it work. You don't really look at other girls and she doesn't really look at other guys, and you’ve got all these challenges thrown at you but you're still trying to make it work.

“But on Love Island, you have all these people to choose from. You're always trying to test new connections and one week you might be with someone and next week you might be with a completely different islander. And that’s normal!”


He adds that both shows are filled with drama for viewers to enjoy, but Love Island also showcases “a lot of really sweet moments”.

“It was beautiful just being able to see everyone's connections flourish because you're pretty much there 24/7, whereas on MAFS, everyone's in their rooms away from you and you only see them twice a week,” he says. “With Love Island, you’re pretty much third-wheeling other people’s relationships.”

MAFS' Al Perkins showing off his wedding ring.
‘I can't believe I'm doing two shows in the one year, it’s quite full on!’ Photo: Channel Nine

‘I wasn’t sure if I was ready’

Speaking about the moment he received the call to do the show, Al confesses he didn’t immediately say yes.

“I’m not going to lie, it did take a bit of thinking before making my decision,” he shares.

“I was open to going on another reality TV show, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready just yet coming straight off MAFS. The hype was still big and there was still so much going on in my life, that’s why I had to take a few moments to make my decision before going on Love Island.

“I was thinking, maybe I should go on next year’s season when everything’s a bit quieter? But I ended up making the decision of going on this season and I can't believe I even second-guessed myself. It was one of the best experiences of my life.”

MAFS' Al Perkins with his sister and mother.
‘I can't believe I'm doing two shows in the one year, it’s quite full on!’ Photo: Channel Nine

‘One of the most embarrassing moments of my life’

One person who isn’t as pleased with Al’s decision to appear on Love Island, however, is his mother Joyce, who fans met at his MAFS wedding.

“Mum wasn’t too happy. She told me not to have sex on TV,” he laughs. “I am going to hide the TV remote when Love Island comes on.

“Mum watched most of MAFS and there were some really awkward moments, especially when my wife Samantha [Moitzi] and I were talking about having sex. That was probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.”

Although Al told his mum he was going on Love Island before flying out to Spain, he told his friends a completely different story.

“All my friends, every single one of them including the MAFS people and my best mate Brent [Vitiello], I told them I was going on a family holiday to Malaysia,” he recalls.

“I literally told them that the day before I was leaving. I said goodbye and they were like, ‘Is everything okay? What’s wrong with your family? Why such a rush? Are they sick?’ and it kept getting worse and worse. Eventually, it did get leaked and they all understood, but I’m pretty good at keeping secrets.”

Love Island Australia airs Monday to Thursday at 6pm on 9Now

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