MAFS 2024: Ella Ding's mum slams Mitch Eynaud's appearance at Jayden's wedding

"He's here for redemption, Australia."

MAFS star Ella Ding's mum Belinda has uploaded a scathing story about Mitch Eynaud's appearance on Married At First Sight after he appeared in support of his brother Jayden's wedding on Wednesday night's episode.

In the episode, Mitch referenced feeling nostalgic as he watched his brother marry Eden Harper, citing that Ella was a "great girl" and he had regrets about how he approached the experiment and their pairing during the 2022 season.

While Ella herself has made no public comment about Mitch's appearance on the show, her mum Belinda made no secret of how she felt seeing her daughter's former partner pop up again.

Jayden and Mitch Eynaud and Mitch's MAFS ex Ella Ding.
Mitch Eynaud popped up on MAFS last night, and Ella Ding's mum wasn't happy. Photo: Nine

Uploading a photo of her TV as Mitch visited Jayden trying on suits, Belinda left a bunch of captions over the image, expressing her feelings.


"He's here for redemption, Australia," Belinda said. "Watch this space."

She also made reference to Mitch's use of the word 'nostalgic' and wrote "that's what I wore, that colour" over the image of him and Jayden, referring to Mitch's comment about Jayden wearing a similar coloured suit to him.

Belinda Ding's instagram story
Ella's mum Belinda has not shied away from how she felt seeing Mitch Eynaud appear on MAFS again. Photo:

Belinda also uploaded another Story, showing the flashback of Ella and Mitch's final vows where he dumped her.

'There's a lot of pressure'

In a chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, Jayden said Mitch struggled to open up during his time on MAFS.

"It's a high-pressure situation," Jayden said. "It is hard and he just wasn't able to open up and be himself or really trust the process. He's very sceptical."

Jayden then said Mitch told him to, "open up, trust the matchmakers, trust the experts, and just embrace the process as a whole."

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