MAFS star Hayley responds to 'physical abuse' backlash

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Hayley's behaviour toward her husband David has sparked outrage from viewers. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_.

The debut dinner party of this season’s Married At First Sight did not disappoint, with sex confessions, marital spats and, courtesy Hayley Vernon, a c-bomb all going down.

But it was the 32-year-old bodybuilder’s ‘over the top affection’ toward her husband, David Cannon, that had viewers up in arms.

After falling out over truck driver David’s salary on their honeymoon, Hayley decided to repair the couple’s broken bond with a one-on-one chat that left her husband ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘hurt’.

Twitter reacts to Hayley and David's interaction. Photo: Twitter.
Twitter reacts to Hayley and David's interaction. Photo: Twitter.
Twitter reacts to Hayley and David's interaction. Photo: Twitter.

Bride outrages MAFS fans

Fans on Twitter were quick to slam Hayley’s behaviour, branding it ‘messed up’ and pointing out that the situation could be very different if the roles were reversed.

“I can’t with all the comments supporting Hayley! She wanted nothing to do with David until they were put in a social situation. He was clearly very uncomfortable with her over the top affection! If the gender roles were reversed there would be outraged. I’m on his side,” wrote one.

“That whole interaction between Hayley and David was so messed up. Someone says ‘no’, you back off, end of discussion,” said another.

“Imagine if David tried to force himself onto Hayley the same way she did to him,” one pointed out.

David called the interaction 'uncomfortable.' Photo: Channel Nine.

Hayley on ‘physical abuse’

The morning after the episode aired, Hayley addressed the backlash on the Kylie and Jackie O Show and referred to the incident as ‘the physical abuse with the nail’.

“You know what a lot of people are saying today, if the shoe was on the other foot a male would’ve gotten vilified in the same situation,” Hayley said.

When Jackie agreed Hayley went on to explain her behaviour, saying she was ‘a little bit drunk’ and unaware of what was happening when the show’s producers ‘shoved’ the newlyweds into a room alone.

“100 per cent but you’ve got to understand that this is at the end of the night, we’re all a little bit drunk and the producers have shoved me in a room with David. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, I’ve got a camera on me, I’m just like ready set go. Then I’m like ‘what’s happening?’ but it is what it is,” she said.

Hayley referred to it as 'physical abuse'. Photo: Channel Nine.

David left ‘hurt’

After a stern talking-to from fellow bride Amanda Micallef, Hayley asked David to leave the dinner party and have a chat in the next room.

While sat on a couch, Hayley asked her husband to give her a kiss which he reluctantly obliged.

“Why are you trying to give me kisses now?” he asked as Hayley continued to cuddle him.

“Not tonight darling, not tonight,” he can be heard saying, gently pushing his wife away.

“You have just got to give me some time,” he said as Hayley protested.

When he suggested the pair return to the dinner, Hayley asked him to carry her back which David refused, saying he’d hurt himself.

Hayley then attempts to kiss him again and grabs his head in her hands causing David to call out in pain.

“Ow! Don’t, you hurt me,” he says holding his face.

Hayley and David in 'happier times'. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_.

Channel Nine has been contacted for comment.

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