Love Island 2023 winners Tyra and Kale reveal plans with $50,000 prize

EXCLUSIVE: Tyra and Kale spill on their current relationship status and future plans.

After weeks of drama, tears and plenty of surprises, the winners of Love Island Australia 2023 have finally been crowned.

Host Sophie Monk announced during Monday night’s finale that Tyra and Kale had been voted the favourite couple of the series and would be walking away with an equal share of the $50,000 prize.

Love Island 2023 winners Kale and Tyra with host Sophie Monk.
Tyra and Kale were crowned the winners of Love Island Australia 2023 during Monday night’s finale. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following the episode, Tyra and Kale confirm that they are “most definitely” still together after filming the show in Mallorca, Spain earlier this year.

“We've had to lay pretty low for the past couple of months,” Tyra shares. “We've been trying to soak it up because I feel like the next little while could be a bit crazy out and about, but it was so hard [to keep it a secret].

“Every weekend we spend with each other, either I'll go to the Gold Coast or Kale will come to the Sunny Coast,” she details, before adding with a laugh, “We’re like children of divorce”.


Now that their relationship is out in the open, Tyra reveals she is currently looking at moving to the Gold Coast in the new year.

“We’ll be a bit closer together, no more doing weekends back and forth, and then we'll just take next year as it comes,” she says.

“I'll be spending Christmas this year with Tyra’s family on the Sunshine Coast, so that'll be cool spending it with all of them,” Kale adds.

Love Island 2023 winners Kale and Tyra.
Tyra says she plans on moving to the Gold Coast in 2024 to be closer to Kale. Photo: Channel Nine

Kale and Tyra's plans with $50,000

Despite being an accountant, Tyra jokes that she needs Kale to lock away her half of the prize money because she’s “terrible” with her money.

“Tyra’s spent half of it already,” Kale remarks.

While they don’t have any immediate plans with the $50,000, the couple have booked a trip to Perth in the New Year to spend time in Kale’s hometown.

“We’re gonna go over and Tyra will meet all my friends and family over there,” he shares. “So that'll be cool and we might splurge a bit while we're there now that we've got a bit of pocket money.”

“We’re gonna really enjoy our summer, I think,” Tyra adds.

Tyra and Kale beat out fellow Love Island couples Clint and Savannah, who are reportedly no longer in a relationship, and Lucinda and Zac, who have recently been spotted together in London.

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