Journalist interviews man while having sex: 'Completely unnecessary'

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Louise Fischer, a Danish journalist, has shocked social media users after conducting an interview while having sex at a newly re-opened swingers club in Denmark.

The interview, which was used in a radio feature, included clips of the 26-year-old moaning, but she has admitted that it wasn't the "best sex of her life".

Louise Fischer
A journalist has shocked after recording herself having sex while interviewing a man after the re-opening of swinger's clubs. Photo: Instagram/louiisefischer

Louise visited Swingland in Ishøj, near Copenhagen, as part of a report for Radio 4 about the sex club reopening following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions in Denmark.

The journalist revealed her mum thought the interview was "funny" and her dad thought it was "really cool".


Speaking of the listener reaction, Louise told Bild, "Most of them were very positive, they thought it was brave and cool. Others think that I've crossed a line in journalism."

"I don't have a boyfriend, that definitely made it a lot easier," she added. "My mother just thinks it's funny and laughs, my father thought it was really cool."

She said that she spent a few hours with the guests of the club and they enjoyed a glass of wine before moving to a large bed. 

Radio4 clip
In clips of the interview, you can hear the 26-year-old moaning, but she has since confessed that it wasn't the "best sex of her life". Photo: Twitter/Radio4dk

The journalist added that she found guests at the club to be polite and that she would have said no if she wasn't interested.

"I find that the people in the swingers' club are much more polite to each other than you are used to in normal bars or clubs, for example," she said. "In the swingers club you don't have to explain anything or excuse anything, a simple no is enough."

She admitted she'd "maybe" be keen to try it out again, adding, "Yes, I enjoyed it... Even though it wasn't the best sex of my life. But the men in this club are very polite and very considerate. I felt like a goddess. They make you feel very special."

The journalist explained she hadn't initially planned on getting physical with anyone, but it was "very natural" and her taking part "loosened up the guests" who were initially "reluctant". 

Louise's program director Tina Kragelund commended her for "experimenting" with "doing journalism differently", but others have slammed her for taking the job too far.

One social media user commented on the report, "It was just an excuse for a bang. It was completely unnecessary."

"Things only women can do hehe," another said. "Had a man had sex on the radio, he would probably have had the whole country against him."

"This is not even news..." someone else commented.

However, others applauded her for the story, with one user commenting on her Instagram, "I read your story and I can only have respect for it."

"Brave and good reporting... Keep up the good work!" another said.

"Have great respect for you and what you did," someone else added.

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