Dr Chris Brown reveals shocking truth about the Logies

I’m A Celebrity host Dr Chris Brown revealed a shocking truth about the Logies as he was teased about getting diseases from animals during a chat with Nova's Fitzy & Wippa on Thursday morning.

The radio hosts joked that his Logies date would need to know if he's 'clean', which caused Chris to drop the bombshell that he isn't allowed to bring a plus one. The Bondi Vet explained to the hosts that only Gold Logie nominees are allowed to invite a partner, so he'll be attending the awards night solo.

Dr Chris Brown holding 4 kittens in his arms, smiling at the camera
Dr Chris Brown handles many different animals. Instagram/drchrisbrown

This comes after the two radio hosts decided to quiz Chris on monkeypox, wondering if he’d ever been bitten by an animal or caught a disease from one.

"Have you been over to Spain recently for The Living Room or anything like that? Have you heard about the origin of monkeypox and why it's here?" Fitzy asked.

"With the monkeypox you know, you do need very close contact. It's not something you can just catch walking down the street," the vet replied.


The TV personality let the pair know that while he’d had ‘the odd little infection’ from animals, he wasn’t going to admit to having ‘herpes’, which is the confession the hosts were after.

“I know you’re hoping for some of the herpes virus, but no. Thankfully the rap sheet is relatively clear in that,” he told the laughing hosts.

Dr Chris Brown smiles as a dingo chews on his hair.
The hosts were trying to get Dr Chris Brown to admit he'd caught a disease from an animal. Photo: Instagram/drchrisbrown

Radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa then took it upon themselves to try and find Dr Chris Brown a date for the Logies, with Wippa putting on a voice and saying: “What if there was another celebrity out there that was single, ready to mingle with the older brownie?”

Chris was quick to shut their suggestions down, knowing that the cheeky hosts could turn it into a big promotional event.

“Don’t look at me like this is some sort of promo you’re now cooking up. No, single ticket,” he laughed.


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