Lisa Wilkinson takes aim at Gladys Berejiklian: 'Premier, can you stop'

Lisa Wilkinson has slammed the NSW state government’s handling of the current COVID-19 outbreak, calling out Gladys Berejiklian for ‘looking overseas as a place to refer to’.

The Project host’s comments came as NSW recorded 415 new local cases of COVID yesterday and four more deaths.

Lisa Wilkinson on The Project
Lisa Wilkinson has taken aim at Gladys Berejiklian. Photo: Channel 10

"Yesterday was an absolute wake-up call," Gladys Berejiklian told reporters at the press conference .

"We can't stress enough that we don't want to go down the path of all these other places overseas where they have literally thousands and thousands and thousands of cases a day.


"If too many people do the wrong thing ... NSW and Australia will follow what has happened (there) ..."

Gladys Berejiklian at the Sydney COVID-19 press conference
The Project host’s comments came as NSW recorded 415 new local cases of COVID yesterday and four more deaths. Photo: Getty Images

Lisa Wilkinson blasted the premier on The Project, saying: “I think everyone in NSW yesterday, when she said that the day before was a ‘wake-up call’, everyone in NSW thought - ‘it's taken you this long to wake up?’.

“When you consider, on June 24, there was 36 cases with 11 new ones that we'd been alerted to.

“And, please, Premier, can you stop looking to overseas as a place to refer to?”

Peter van Onselen agreed with Lisa, saying: “And get ahead of this rather than constantly chasing it from behind.

“They're never ahead of this, they’re always behind.”

Lisa agreed saying they are “never proactive.”

It’s not the first time Lisa has taken aim at Gladys Berejiklian, calling her out in early August over her “mixed messaging”.

Peter van Onselen on The Project
Peter van Onselen agreed with Lisa on The Project. Photo: Channel 10

“Just watching this unfold, it really does feel like the problem sheets back to the original mixed messaging where the lockdown wasn’t hard enough and people wanted a hard lockdown,” Lisa said.

While she acknowledged it’s a “pity” that Victoria has had to lockdown six times in 18 months, she said that she wishes NSW had followed Premier Daniel Andrews’ approach from the beginning.

“We wanted to know what the rules were so we could follow them and get out of it quickly, but Victoria keeps proving every time that the minute you get an outbreak there, you stamp on it and you get back to normal life again,” she expressed.

The 61-year-old went on to say: “There’s a lot of us in Sydney who feel like we need to apologise to you guys because all of this comes from what happened six weeks or so ago with that Bondi cluster that happened,” she told her co-hosts in Melbourne.

She did, however, point out the fact that hesitation for the Covid vaccine has seemingly reduced and it will “hopefully give a lot of people in NSW who get the vaccine a fighting chance”.

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