Lip reader reveals what JLo and Ben Affleck's tense conversation was about

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck went viral after video of the conversation was aired on TV.

A lip reader has revealed what Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's tense Grammys conversation was really about, sharing that the singer was aware the actor was going viral for looking miserable at the awards show.

JLo seemingly didn't realise she was on camera when she told Ben to look like he was enjoying himself.

Trevor Noah, JLo and Ben Affleck
A lip reader has revealed exactly what JLo and Ben Affleck's shocking Grammys conversation was really about. Photo: Getty

"Stop," JLo reportedly told her husband, according to lip reader, who spoke to the Daily Mail. "Look more friendly. Look motivated."

"I might," Ben responded.


Jen's body language indicated she was annoyed at her partner. The Shotgun Wedding star quickly adjusted her stance and pasted a smile on her face when she realised Grammys host Trevor Noah was sitting next to her and being filmed.

Ben seemingly couldn't hide his boredom throughout the night, with a clip of the pair going viral showing JLo dancing excitedly during a Motown tribute performed by Stevie Wonder, Chris Stapleton and Smokey Robinson, with the Batman star looking miserable as he nodded his head slightly to the beat.

A source shared with Page Six that the couple was actually "perfectly fine" despite Ben appearing to be bored, with the singer taking to Instagram to shut down any rumours with photos and videos of herself and the actor.

"Always the best time with my love, my husband," she wrote.

However, fans weren't convinced that the pair did have "the best time", with one user writing, "Leave Ben home. Clearly it's not his thing."

"Yeah, until you went MOM mode on him," another said. "Poor Ben!"

"The pictures and video I saw did not portray happiness," a third added.

"Funny, he looked bored and not happy to be there," yet another agreed.

"Great PR since the whole world saw the energy and it's written all over your face darling, your shine has gone, and he looks forced to play along... maybe stay off the cameras and work on yourselves, separately and together," one user wrote. "You don't look happy. Can't hide energy!"


However, others were more positive, with one fan writing, "Seriously favourite couple, I love that he seemed out of place (even though he’s an A-lister himself), it’s a different type of beast so of course it’s not his 'normal' date night (did you ever think we’d see Ben at the Grammys) he did what any great husband would do and he put himself out there and JLO was holding him down…loved it! His expressions were the best, so cute together! I love that he seemed bored, I was too (at times)."

"Wow I see a lot of jealous ladies in here I hope you all find happiness so you can stop the hate," another said.

"Beautiful couple together!" a third added.

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