Singer stuns fans with naked dress at Grammys afterparty: 'Isn't safe'

Fletcher joked that fans should screenshot the photo 'before it gets reported'.

American singer Fletcher has 'broken the Internet' according to fans after sharing photos of herself wearing a naked dress to a Grammys afterparty. The 28-year-old, real name Cari Elise Fletcher, wore the see-through silver mesh dress with only a G-string underneath to the Universal Music Group's afterparty.

"Best nipple performance," the singer jokingly captioned a photo of the look, before adding, "Screenshot before it gets reported."

Singer Fletcher in naked dress at Grammys party
Singer Fletcher has 'broken the Internet' after she shared a photo of herself wearing a naked dress to a Grammys afterparty. Photo: Getty

"That's hot," Paris Hilton wrote along with a fire emoji.

"How do I make sure this continues to stay at the top of my Instagram feed?" one fan quipped.


"I opened Instagram, saw this post, and forgot why I opened Instagram in the first place," another added.

"Not me staring at this wondering if I’m actually straight," a third joked.

"Picking my jaw up from the floor," yet another fan added.

"For free?! I forgot how to breath..." one user wrote.

"Nobody around me is CPR certified this isn’t safe," someone else joked.

Fletcher in naked dress
Fans loved the outfit, with the singer showing off all her angles on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/findingxfletcher

'Never had any shame'

Fletcher revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle during a trip to Australia last year that she has no shame in sharing her most intimate stories to the world.

“I feel like I'm getting myself to a point now where I have set myself up to be known as someone who writes very explicit things,” she tells us. “I've never had any shame about putting out my diary, basically. It feels like my lyrics to me are just like, ‘What would I write in my diary?’. And my barometer has always been if my mum gasps, then it's good. Like, if my mum has a reaction, then I know that it's Fletcher-worthy. If my mum’s like, ‘Cari!’, then I’m like, ‘Great, it’s going out’."

She adds that she’s never had any regrets about lyrics she’s released and instead views her storytelling and the way she expresses herself through song as a learning experience.


“What I've been most interested in as an artist is exploring the really complex feelings and the feelings that people maybe feel weird talking about or feel shame or aren't sure if they should go there,” she says.

“I've always been really intrigued by the feelings that we kind of want to bury in a closet and the nuance of it all and the complexity, and I like to have difficult conversations in my life with the people in my life. And I put that same sort of thing into my artistry and it causes a conversation.

“It's like, s**t's boring, let’s be interesting! Let's be dramatic! Let's make art! A lot of it too is like I get to play characters, which is fun. I feel like I'm in a movie and this is like a scene of my life that I'm in right now.”

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