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The naturopathic skincare range that helps acne: 'It's changed my life'

The range includes a powder, face oil and cleanser.

It makes sense that acne sufferers use specifically designed products to help with their skin - particularly when they contain botanical ingredients that are proven to help with calming sore and inflamed skin.

When naturopath Hillary Wilcox began to see clients who were looking for help with skin conditions such as acne, she struggled to find them products that used organic ingredients with proven results.

"I would research herbs at uni and then search for them in products in stores - but I could never find the combination of ingredients that I wanted," she says. "These botanical ingredients were so well researched and had great evidence behind them yet all of the skincare products I had in my cupboard were full of toxic ingredients."

Hillary decided to take matters in to her own hands, and launched natural skincare and wellness brand MAAEMO to provide a "holistic, naturopathic approach to the skin."

MAAEMO products
MAAEMO was founded by a naturopath to help people with skin conditions. Photo: Supplied

Happy customers can't stop raving about the results they're seeing after using the range.

"This powder has honestly changed my life! Within two weeks I have noticed a drastic improvement in my hormonal acne," says one skin sufferer. "I’m feeling much more confident in my skin, it looks bright, feels so soft, and way less inflamed."

Another agrees: "I've been struggling with adult acne for the past 10 years. Then I tried this product. It took about 3 weeks of everyday use to see results but I am now pimple free! For the first time in my adult life."

Before and after photos of skin to show improvement in inflamed and acne prone skin
Before and after results of people using the MAAEMO range. Photo: Supplied


Inner Radiance, $69.95, is a daily support powder that contains 16 plant-based ingredients and probiotics including zinc and Vitamin C. It's designed to help create a happy, healthy gut to support skin from the inside.

Maaemo's Inner Radiance
Inner Radiance, $69.95. Photo: Supplied

The Vitalize Face Elixir, $69.95, is a facial oil that boasts some of nature's most nourishing and healing oils, including Hemp Seed Oil and Orange Peel oil. Together, these oils work to regulate the skin's natural oil production to restore balance and hydration. There are high levels of essential fatty acids in the oil to boost elasticity and support the skin's cell structure. This helps repair any imperfections and scarring of the skin.

The Vitalize Face Elixir, $69.95
Vitalize Face Elixir, $69.95. Photo: Supplied

The Rejuvenation Cleanser, $59.95, works as a hydrating, 2-in-1 cleanser that doubles as a brightening face mask. It emulsifies on contact with water, melting into the skin to gently lift dirt, makeup and impurities. It's made with healing Hazelnut oil, brightening Papaya and lactic acid, making it ideal for delicate, sensitive and dehydrated skin.

Maaemo Rejuvenation Cleanser
Rejuvenation Cleanser $59.95. Photo: Supplied

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