The Block's Kristy and Brett confront radio hosts live on-air: 'Bad people'

The couple fired up over Fifi, Fev & Nick's recent comments about them.

The Block’s Kristy and Brett had an awkward confrontation with radio hosts Fifi Box, Brendan Fevola and Nick Cody on Thursday morning when they accused the trio of steering a certain narrative about them on air.

The controversial couple joined The Fox’s Fifi, Fev & Nick to respond to some recent comments made about them on the show, including from their former landscaper Dan who claimed he had a “horrible” experience working with them on their backyard.

The Block’s Kristy and Brett speaking on the radio with Fifi Box.
The Block’s Kristy and Brett accused Fifi, Fev and Nick of steering a certain narrative about them on air. Photos: Instagram/fififevnick

The landscaper had complained that his time on the show was “negative publicity” for his business, adding that it wasn’t fair for the show to “twist and turn things” that affected his livelihood.

In response to Dan’s remarks, Brett argued that he and Kristy weren’t the ones behind the “twisting and turning” and called out the radio hosts for their negative coverage.

“The reason he talked about hate is because you guys steer that narrative about us,” he said. “You’ve called us venomous on this show, you’ve called us bad people on this show. It’s very apparent what you want people to think of us.”


Brett also questioned whether Dan had called into the show himself, as they had claimed, or if they had contacted him directly.

“I know you’ve reached out to our actual builder,” he said, to which Kristy added, “I think he gave the narrative that we are nice people and that didn’t really fit, so that didn’t go to air”.

The Block’s Kristy and Brett wearing hi-vis.
The couple owned everything they’ve done on the show and said they’re ‘fine’ with the backlash. Photo: Channel Nine

'Hang on'

Fifi then interrupted the pair to try and fact-check their claims, saying: “Hang on, I will pull you up. Who in this room has called you venomous or bad guys? Because I don’t think those words came from us.”

While Brett suggested it might have been Nick, he responded and said he’s “actually never seen a frame of that show and couldn’t care less”.

However, Fifi later agreed that “the media has an agenda” and asked how they were dealing with the way they’ve been portrayed as ‘villains’ on TV.

“We are really thick-skinned,” Kristy said. “The thing is, we knew what we were going in as and we put that in our audition video that we’re game players, we’re competitive, we’ll speak our mind.

“No one edited words in my mouth, I said all of those words. The context potentially may not have been there for the viewers to see, but our whole role in going on the show is we have to speak to the camera. We’re fine about it. We just wear it, we just take it in our stride.”

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The couple are set to reunite with their co-stars for the finale next weekend, including Eliza and Liberty who previously told Fifi, Fev & Nick they will need “therapy” if Kristy and Brett’s house sells for a lot of money.

“Oh, you’re the fan favourite and you want to seek therapy after we make money for putting our lives on hold? Yikes,” Kristy responded.

“We will hug everyone, we’ll be so excited for everyone that makes money. And when we make a little bit more money than them, they should hopefully do that in return.”

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