The $79 Kmart book shelf selling out in stores: 'It's so pretty'

Run, don't walk: Kmart's fan-fave bookcase is back!

Kmart shoppers start the car, the store's designer dupe bookcase is back, but it won't be for long.

The retail powerhouse, known for its on-trend, affordable home decor, have reintroduced a cult classic item: the Textured Arched Bookcase; and this stylish piece has been flying off the shelves since its return.

The Kmart shelf (left) and its packaging (right).
One TikToker shared the find in her local Kmart, calling it 'the best shelf she's ever seen'. Photo: TikTok/@claudiashops

One thrilled customer, Claudia, shared her shopping triumph at a local Kmart with her followers, urging them to "run to Kmart" and hunt down the sought-after item before it vanishes again.


"My store said low stock, but I couldn't find it anywhere," Claudia shared on TikTok, recounting her quest for the coveted arched bookshelf. Instead of finding the $99 version she was after, she came across a slightly smaller version priced at just $79. "It was so heavy," Claudia remarked, as she showed off her unexpected find to her followers on the popular social media platform, saying she liked it "even more" than the bigger version.

What's more, Claudia decided to make the most of her purchase by adding a few styling items to elevate the look for her bedroom.

The $79 Kmart bookcase.
The $79 bookcase has been so popular it has already sold out online but may still be available in store. Photo: Kmart

Claudia's followers were eager to see how the finished room would look, with one Kmart fan asserting that she was lucky to have found the item: "I've got the arch shelf; it will sell out fast. It's easy to build too."

Another follower chimed in with a practical tip: "I have two and put them side by side; it definitely looks better than the other shelf."

Shoppers rave about $99 version of shelf

If you can't find the longer version for $99, which is not listed online currently, the two together provide an excellent alternative. But, some fortunate shoppers have indeed found the $99 version in-store and shared their excitement on social media.

"So this happened on Thursday and I knew I had the perfect wall to put two of these beautiful display cases side by side from Kmart, and seriously l'm in love," exclaimed interior styling guru Dina. "Aren't they just gorgeous?"

Brisbane TikToker shows off her shelves in their box (left) and put together and styled in her home (centre) and a close up of the shelf (right).
A Brisbane TikToker found the $99 version of Kmart's arched bookcase in her local store. Photo TikTok/@dina.sweethome.style_

As predicted, the $79 Textured Arched Bookcase also disappeared from Kmart online at breakneck speed. "It sold out so fast, in just one day!" Claudia confirmed.

"I can see why," someone else wrote, "it's so pretty."

But don't stress, Kmart is known for its quick stock turnover and may bring it back again, or better yet, introduce a new and equally stunning design.

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