Brilliant Kmart furniture hack turns affordable pieces into designer dupes

Who knew Kmart furniture could look so good!

It’s no secret that Kmart's range of rattan furniture has a cult-like following with shoppers going crazy for the budget furniture in store and online.

One savvy shopper has taken her love for the pieces one step further hacking the store’s affordable cabinets into a lookalike piece of designer furniture.

Taking three of the $99 Fraser Rattan Cabinets, she totally transformed the timber and rattan pieces turning them into a single piece of upmarket furniture.

Posting her hack to the Kmart Mums Facebook page, she explained that she gave them a quick makeover by painting them white and then attaching them all to make one large cabinet.

How she did it

“First I screwed the cabinets together tightly on the inside. Then I ran some “no more gaps” down the joins before giving them another coat of paint,” she explained.

“You can still see the joins if you look close. The trick is the make sure they are perfectly aligned before screwing them together.”

Kmart rattan furniture hack
The stunning results left dozens of people wanting to know how she pulled it off so well! Photo: Facebook/ Kmart Mums Australia

She added that it was easier than she thought to put them together and required no extra board along the top because the cabinets fit together so perfectly.

She added that she made a kickboard to run along the bottom of the cabinet herself using some “timber and MDF mouldings from Bunnings”.


The DIY project looked so impressive that others said they couldn’t believe how well she had pulled it together.

“That looks great. I love the trim around the bottom,” one person said.

Kmart rattan furniture hack
Several people have hacked the Kmart furniture range with gorgeous results. Photo: TikTok/

“Thanks for posting, looks great!! I was actually considering getting it and painting it black,” said another.

Her post inspired others to give it a try too with some saying they had had their eye on attempting to DIY the same cabinet.

It looks designer!

She’s not the first to attempt hacking the rattan range either.

Dina who runs the DIY TikTok page @dina.sweethome.style_ also revamped the Fraser Rattan sideboard by painting part of it white and connecting two of them together. She also added new handles which she picked up from Kmart too.

Her customer piece was just as well received with others saying it “looked beautiful” in her home and was a “fabulous” piece of furniture.

Kmart rattan furniture hack Fleetwood Rattan Buffet – White
This Fleetwood Rattan Buffet from Art Deco Co is the look the Kmart DIY shoppers are aiming for. Photo: Art Deco Co

The piece that she created looked extremely similar to the pricey pieces from high-end furniture stores which retail for over $1000.

It looks like shoppers are pretty happy with the quality of the Kmart piece too with 74 online reviews giving the piece 4.3 out of 5 stars.

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