MAFS' Richard and Andrea spotted looking loved-up on coffee date: 'So good'

EXCLUSIVE: Season 11’s oldest couple have been enjoying time together post-show.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about MAFS!

They’ve been one of the strongest couples so far in the experiment, and it appears Married At First Sight’s Richard Sauerman and Andrea Thompson are still on good terms after filming the reality show.

Yahoo Lifestyle has obtained photos of the couple enjoying a coffee date on Friday morning in Sydney’s Kings Cross.

MAFS’ Richard Sauerman and Andrea Thompson on a coffee date in Sydney.
MAFS’ Richard Sauerman and Andrea Thompson were spotted on a coffee date on Friday. Photos: Supplied

The pair were dressed very casually, with Richard in a black t-shirt and denim shorts while Andrea matched in a long-sleeved black top and denim skirt.

An onlooker tells us that the couple spent a short amount of time at the café before being inundated with selfie requests from fans and leaving the hotspot.

“They look really good in person I thought, better than on the TV,” the source adds. “They were smiling and laughing and looked pretty close.

“Richard smiled at me and I said hi and I love them on the show.”


The unusual post-show sighting comes shortly after an insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that Richard and Andrea are no longer in a romantic relationship.

“They're no longer a couple,” they said, adding that the pair “haven't really kept in touch” after filming wrapped.

It also appears Andrea is not following Richard on Instagram on his non-MAFS account that he uses for his motivational speaking work, another hint that things may not have worked out between the pair. However, he is still following Andrea.

MAFS’ Richard Sauerman and Andrea Thompson walking together in Sydney.
An onlooker said that Richard and Andrea looked ‘really good in person’. Photo: Supplied

Richard responds to 'cringeworthy' photo ranking challenge

While everything has been smooth sailing for Richard and Andrea so far in the experiment, the couple hit a rough spot during Confessions Week when the 62-year-old groom ranked his bride equal third in the photo ranking challenge.

Speaking about the cringe-worthy moment on the Hit Network’s Allan and Carly, Richard admitted it was “pretty awful” and “quite cringeworthy” watching it back on TV.

“That was a rather rookie error on my part,” he reflected. “When it comes to people and who I’ve been attracted to, it’s never been about looks. It’s always been about the chemistry and the vibe and the feeling.

“We’re so strong, so I really thought in my head that this exercise would just be a fun thing to do and wouldn’t have any impact at all!”

Richard added that he has since “cleared the air” with Andrea and apologised for his behaviour.

“I texted her afterwards and said, ‘Man that was horrible, I’m so sorry’,” he detailed. “I got a thumbs up.”

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