MAFS fans are calling for Martha and Michael to have their own reality show

Martha and her mum Mary have won over fans with their chaotic dynamic.

Martha and Mary' on Tiktok and Michael and Lucius
Martha and Mary's TikTok adventures have had fans begging for a reality series. Photo:

People on TikTok are calling for MAFS' Martha Kalifatidis, her mum Mary, and her partner Michael Brunelli to have their own reality show after a number of hilarious TikToks showing the family dynamics of Martha and Michael raising their son Lucius in the extended family home.

Martha and Michael met on the 2019 season of Married at First Sight and welcomed their first child together in February 2023.

Lately, Martha has been taking to TikTok to document life for herself and her young family, where they currently reside with her parents. But it's Martha's mum Mary who quickly became the star of the show, with fans praising her for her quick wit, savage one-liners, and calling for the family to do their own reality show, with some even dubbing it Keeping Up With The Kalifatidis'.

In one TikTok, which has amassed over 700k views, Martha tells her mum that people on social media have been saying that Mary wants Martha and Michael to leave her house. "You don't want us here anymore, that's what people say on here," Martha tells her mother, with Mary quickly retorting, "People are smart!"

Mary and Martha on TIkTok
Mary and Martha's dynamic has made for entertaining viewing. Photo: TikTok

"If you leave, oh my house is clean, because no one is here to freakin' dirty it," Mary continued to Martha's laughter. "Martha, a clean house is a clean mind! When you wake up and the house is clean, you start your day on a good day."


As the two start to fall into an argument, Martha tells her mum they'll move out, with Mary offering to go get her bags for her. "Michael, get the luggage down!" Mary calls out, before Martha starts telling people that Mary does want them out.

"Oh, not Michael and the baby," Mary clarifies, with Michael and Lucius making a quick appearance before Michael carries him away from the mother-daughter drama.

After Mary tells Martha to "tell her friends" (the audience on TiKTok) about a mess Lucius made, Martha claims she didn't know the mess was there before Mary yells, "Oh my God, you could see it from the f***ing moon", which led to many people commending her on her humour and fast retorts.


"'You can see it from the fkn moon' I’m crying," one person commented. "It’s the 'tell your friends' gets me every time," another person said.

"I am dead!! Mary is life 😂😂😂😂 I want to live with her," another fan said.

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