MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Jack's 'secret apology' to Lauren revealed after dinner party

An insider has spilled on how Jack and Lauren patched things up.

It’s been revealed that Married At First Sight's Jack Dunkley apologised to his co-star Lauren Dunn following their explosive dinner party fight in a moment that never aired on TV.

During Wednesday night’s episode, Jack and Lauren engaged in a heated argument across the dinner table before he told her husband Jono McCullough to “muzzle your woman”.

MAFS’ Jack Dunkley and Lauren Dunn.
MAFS’ Jack Dunkley apologised to Lauren Dunn after their dinner party fight. Photos: Channel Nine

While Jack has been completely slammed on social media for the “revolting” comment, with reality star Abbie Chatfield even calling for him to be removed from MAFS, he’s since admitted that he “absolutely regrets saying that”.

“If someone said that to my wife, I probably would’ve been arrested that night. I would’ve jumped over the table,” he told B105’s Stav, Abby & Matt on Thursday morning. “Disgusting, let’s get that clear.

“That was a man at breaking point, Lauren’s really good at what she does and we had a really good battle. I broke, I snapped, I said some dumb sh*t. And that’s what you saw on TV. I was disgusted.”

Jack went on to reveal that he apologised to Lauren on the night and they had “a little bit of a hug and makeup session”.


What do we know about Jack's apology?

A production insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Jack and Lauren’s reconciliation happened off-camera, which is why viewers didn’t see them being friendly in the episode.

“Lauren was more than happy to accept his apology because it seemed sincere,” the source shares. “He was very remorseful and she was glad they could move on.”

The insider adds that Jack made sure to apologise to Lauren in front of the experts and their co-stars at the following commitment ceremony, which she also accepted.

MAFS’ Lauren Dunn and Jack Dunkley.
Jack told Lauren's husband Jono McCullough to ‘muzzle your woman’ during Wednesday night’s episode. Photos: Channel Nine

Tori speaks out after dinner party

Another major player in Wednesday night’s dinner party drama was Tori Adams, who decided to side with her partner Jack and defend his ‘joke’ about wanting a couple swap this season so a different groom can sleep with her.

Tori, who is a self-proclaimed “bulldog” who “doesn’t do compromise”, took to social media to share a statement addressing the drama,

“I am Jack’s wife. Not his mother,” she wrote. “It’s not my role to discipline him for his behaviour. It is my role to support him and stand by him whilst making it very known that I don’t agree with some of his actions and choice of words.

“I won’t be held responsible for someone else being offended on my behalf for a joke that was not intended for their ears.”

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