Kmart's 'iconic' cake cookbook delights Aussies: 'Core memory unlocked'

Australians were thrilled to see that the famed children's cake cookbook has hit the shelves again.

Calling all children of the 80s! Brace yourselves for a nostalgia overload, because Kmart has just brought back a true icon from our youth – The Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book – and the price tag is nowhere near as hefty as the memories it holds.

TikToker Michael Jaimie found a piece of his childhood at Kmart. Photo: TikTok/@michaeljaimie
TikToker Michael Jaimie found a piece of his childhood at Kmart. Photo: TikTok/@michaeljaimie

TikTok user Michael Jaimie stumbled upon this treasure trove of childhood joy at his local Kmart for a mere $10, and of course, he couldn't resist sharing his find with his followers.


In a video posted to his account, Jaimie exclaimed: "This might be my favourite Kmart purchase of all time!" as he marvelled at the cake book.

"I could not believe my eyes," he continued, adding: "The Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book – oh my god. I wish I still had my original vintage one from my childhood, but this was only $10, so I picked it up for my future kids."

Rediscovering classic Aussie cakes

As Jaimie eagerly flipped through the pages, he showed off some of the classic cakes that have become synonymous with Australian childhoods, including the soccer ball cake, the iconic barbie doll birthday cake, and the infamous chip-beak duck cake, which has become a staple in cake fail photo galleries.

"This has just healed my heart so much," Jaimie concluded, before urging his viewers to rush to their nearest Kmart and grab a copy. "Wow. $10 from Kmart, go grab one. So happy!"

Stills of two of the popular cakes.
The Women's Weekly Children's Cake Book is full of timeless cakes from Aussie childhoods. Photo: The Australian Women's Weekly

Nostalgia-infused memories resurface

The video quickly garnered a flood of comments from followers who shared in Jaimie's excitement and nostalgia.

"I remember just looking at it all the time dreaming about which one I wanted," wrote one person, while another exclaimed: "OMG an iconic core memory unlocked!"

Others reminisced about their own experiences with the book, with one commenter saying, "OMG!! I have the original and my kids used to pick their birthday cake out of it! So nostalgic."

And of course, some couldn't resist making a beeline to Kmart themselves after seeing Jaimie's post.

"Um excuse me? *running to Kmart," one user joked, while another thanked Jaimie for the public service announcement, adding, "Kmart so knows what they're up to!"

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