Aussies in stitches over mum's hilarious Woolies mud cake fail: 'The honesty I needed'

This attempt at a Bluey mud cake hack is a welcome slice of reality.

An Aussie mum is being praised online for sharing possibly the "best cake fail ever". Taking to Facebook, the woman shared her blunder after attempting to follow a Bluey cake hack she'd seen online.

She was following a recipe by Tigga Maccormack, a Melbourne-based TikToker with over 1.5 million followers, who shared how to create the dessert using a Woolworths mud cake. However, it didn't quite go to plan. "Enjoy this absolute abomination - it looked easy on TikTok," the mum wrote, saying she too attempted it using a Woolies mud cake.

Didn't exactly go to plan

Her single image shows a startled-looking, collapsing cake version of the title character from popular ABC kid's show Bluey, with two stocks poking out the top of her head, meant to hold up her ears. Hilariously, it's far cry from the original creation.

Bluey cake fail
The mum's cake attempt is getting a lot of love online, despite not exactly turning out as she had planned. Source: Facebook/L. Tracey

However, fellow mums said they absolutely loved the woman's creation. "OMG, I genuinely love it! It made me smile, thank you for sharing," one person wrote. "Thanks for showing how it really is, this is how mine turn out," another commented. "Reality vs Insta... I much much prefer reality! Well done," added a third.


Thanks for keeping it real

Others couldn't get enough of the mum's dose of reality. "This is the honesty that I needed in my life," one person commented. "Thank you for posting this. It's made my morning," added another. "I love that you shared it. Good on you for having a sense of humour," chimed someone else.

Bluey cake fail
The Aussie mum attempted to hack a Woolies mud cake in the same way as a popular TikToker, but things didn't exactly go to plan. Source: Facebook/L.Tracey, TikTok/TiggaMac

It's not the first time someone had attempted and failed at this particular cake either.

Commenting on the original TikTok video by Tigga, which has been viewed 7.9 million times, several others said they didn't have much luck getting it right either.

"So I attempted to make this for my son's birthday party tomorrow and I am cackling at the results," one viewer wrote. "I tried this and it did not look like this," another confessed.

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