Kmart fans in a frenzy over 'genius' detail in $40 product

The innovative design has made it a popular product in the run-up to Christmas

Kmart's new sun lounger has gone viral for a unique reason: it has a hole for your face when you're lying on your stomach.

Fans say the Salerno Lounger Face Down, $39, is perfect for beach days, camping or lazing by the pool.

stills from TikTok user Emma Monaco's video about the new Kmart lounger
Emma Monaco shared her Kmart find on Tik Tok in a video that has been watched over 500,000 times. Photo: TikTok/@emmamonaco4

The chair has an opening for your face and convenient gaps for your arms, allowing you to lay face down and read a book or scroll to your heart's content.

TikToker Emma Monaco hailed the clever detail in a video that prompted a flurry of sales.


"Kmart find — you can use your phone while you tan!" She wrote in the now-viral video about the item, which quickly sold out online.

"LOL I ran so fast to the click n collect section of Kmart," one follower responded, while another wrote, "This is genius and I must have it for summer."

Others were impressed by how good the budget retailer's range is at the moment. "Kmart's really been stepping up their game," a fan commented.

The sold-out Kmart Salerno Lounger Face Down
The sold-out Kmart sun lounger is already selling for over double the original price on eBay. Photo: Kmart

Meanwhile, some entrepreneurial Aussies are taking advantage of the popular item's selling out. One shopper listed it on eBay for $99, with eight still available, while another had already sold one with a listed price of $110.


With the lounger on so many Christmas lists, these sellers might just get a few sales despite the inflated price.

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