Aussie mum swears by unlikely food combo after taste test

Mum-of-four Aimee is not afraid to try strange meal mash-ups.

There are lots of strange food combinations that shouldn't go together but do — like beetroot on burgers or pineapple on pizza. And TikTok influencer Aimee Connor, who goes by Aims LC, has just found another combo that she thinks you should rush out and try.

"You have to try Smiths salt and vinegar chips in a Bakers Delight iced pink finger bun. To die for!" a follower wrote to nurse and busy mum Aimee.

Influencer Aimee Connor trying salt and vinegar chips in a sweet iced roll on TikTok
TikTok influencer Aimee Connor loves to try weird food combinations. Photo: TikTok/

Mum-of-four Aims accepted the challenge, captioning the resulting video: "I crave this daily". With over 760,000 views, she may be onto something.

While Aimee, who lives on the South Coast of NSW with her hubby and kids, doesn't say a word in the video, her face at the end says it all. And her followers are on board. "I can get behind this and will be making it ASAP," one commented. "Straight to the shops I go this looks so good," another wrote.

Others suggested other unusual combinations that they love. "Highly recommend sliced continental cucumber between 2 bbq shapes 👌 poor man's bruschetta," one viewer wrote. "Get a square of chocolate and put a salt and vinegar chip on each side like a sandwich... delicious!" another suggested. "Snag cooked on the BBQ in fairy bread. Is elite," another commented.


This is not the first time that Aimee has tried out weird food combos for her viewers. She tried Vegemite pizzas with a drizzle of chilli honey and some salt. "Oh that's so good," she declared. The mum also sampled a Vegemite and sprinkles roll, and Coke and mango gelato.

Aims started creating content and her TikTok account during the pandemic as a way to stay "sane" and be creative during lockdown while she was also on maternity leave from her job as a registered nurse. "I found pretty quickly my fly-on-the-wall content of life at home with four small children resonated with people and it's since taken a life of its own," she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Mum-of-four Aimee Connor, pictured with her husband Shaye, Mahli (6), Indi (4), Billi (2) and Bodhi (16 months), loves to try weird food combinations.
Mum-of-four Aimee, pictured with her husband Shaye, Mahli, 6, Indi, 4, Billi, 2, and Bodhi,16 months, loves to try weird food combinations. Photo: Instagram/

"With the food combos, they started off with a one-off video where I created a combination that I personally enjoyed, and then comments of people's weird combos encouraged me to try other things and it grew from there. I really enjoy the community aspect of my channel, and making people laugh, sharing the real side of family life with young ones in a relatable way," Aimee added.

Aimee gets a lot of enjoyment out of the comments and knowing she's helping other mothers feel seen and heard, and helping them relate when they're going through a rough time. They often tell her that her content normalises what they're also going through, she said.

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