Aldi $69 travel item people are going wild for: 'Look at these'

Rave reviews are rolling in for these budget-friendly Aldi suitcases

Start booking your airline tickets, because Aldi is causing a frenzy with their latest 'Love at First Flight' Special Buys travel range, featuring affordable $69 suitcases.

These budget-friendly travel companions, available in store from May 31, have become the talk of social media with globetrotters eager to find out if they live up to the hype.

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Aldi's latest Special Buys have caused a frenzy online. Photo: Getty Images

The travel range has ignited a lively discussion among travellers, with one member of a dedicated Aldi Facebook group raising the question, "Is it worth buying from Aldi?". Specifically, they were curious about the durability of the cheaper suitcases during international flights.

The response from fellow group members was overwhelmingly positive, with many sharing their personal experiences and praising the Aldi suitcases' longevity compared to higher-priced alternatives.

"Bought 2 last year, been to Europe and away on many long weekends. No complaints," one member confidently stated, while another marvelled, "I have had one for about 6 or 7 years, and it's outlasted all the silly expensive ones I've bought."


Another group member chimed in, "The brand that Aldi sell every year usually get rave reviews, and are so similar to expensive brand name ones."

The $69.99 hard shell suitcase is sending social media into a frenzy. Photo: Aldi
The $69.99 hard shell suitcase is available from Aldi in both charcoal and beige. Photo: Aldi

Drawing further comparisons to high-end brands, another user mentioned, "I bought a Guess suitcase, and it didn't last 1 year. So I might have a look at these."

The positive feedback continued to pour in, with one traveller sharing, "I've had a set of suitcases from Aldi for 7 years... used them countless times for international and interstate travel. They're still going strong and look great."

Many more group members joined the chorus of praise, expressing their satisfaction, "We use them all the time, they are great," exclaimed one enthusiast, while another attested, "Aldi suitcases have always been good for us, great value for money, and last on long-haul flights."

"We bought ours in 2019 and dragged them all across America. Still using them today. They are great cases!!!" raved another happy customer.

Mixed opinions

However, not all group members were convinced, with one mentioning an issue they encountered, stating, "Bought suitcase, one wheel collapsed first trip."

In addition, another user pointed out that the suitcases feel heavy, and a third expressed their perspective by saying, "You get what you pay for. I thought it was great until I upgraded, and honestly, they don't compare at all."


Yet, a fellow member rebutted this argument, pointing out that luggage handlers may not treat any suitcase with care, and even expensive alternatives aren't immune to potential damage.

Complete your travel collection

Travellers can also find a rolling duffel bag among the Aldi Special Buys, a slightly smaller bag that features soft sides, zipper closure, and convenient wheels and handle.

And yes, you guessed it, it's available in both charcoal and beige. Want a matching set? Simply add $29.99 to complete the collection.

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