‘My Life With The Walter Boys’ Book Is Getting A Sequel – How Will It Impact Season 2 Of Netflix Series?

The hit Netflix series My Life with the Walter Boys is coming back for a second season, and now the book the show is based on is getting a sequel too, telling the next chapter of Jackie’s story.

The followup book will be out April 15, 2025, author Ali Novak said to Today.com. It will be titled My Return to the Walter Boys.

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“I didn’t really need to find inspiration to write the sequel because I’ve always wanted to write it,” she said. “I think it’s a very fitting title because not only is Jackie returning to the Walter boys, but I’m also returning to this world after many, many years.”

In YA romance My Life with the Walter Boys, newly orphaned New York teen Jackie moves to Colorado to live with Katherine and George Walter and their 12 kids. That causes a cute boy dilemma between 17-year-old Cole and 16-year-old Alex. Novak herself was 15 when she wrote the story on Wattpad.

In the 2023 Netflix version stars Nikki Rodriguez (Jackie), Noah LaLonde (Cole), Ashby Gentry (Alex) and Sarah Rafferty (Katherine).

The second book “starts with Jackie returning to the Walter ranch after a summer in New York,” Novak says. “The first part was the love triangle. The ‘will she pick Alex, or will she pick Cole?’ The second part was always supposed to be the ‘will they-won’t they’ with Cole now that she’s chosen him.”

Netflix renewed My Life with the Walter Boys for Season 2 in December 2023.

Novak, who admits she is Team Cole when the books are concerned, stressed that the new season will not be based on her book sequel.

“None of the content that I am currently writing will be in the second season,” she said. “They’ve just taken different directions. Still all the same characters that we love.”

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