'So much easier!': Mum wows with 'brilliant' $3 laundry hack

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A mum has won the week in household hacks with a game-changing trick that has other homemakers gobsmacked.

Posting to an organising Facebook group, the lady in question lifted the lid on a surprisingly simple way of drying intimates with no fuss.

The mum uploaded this image which shows the deceptively-easy trick. Photo: Facebook

The photo shows a traditional laundry basket, just $3 from a Kmart of Target, with a selection of newly washed socks and undies secured through the holes in the basket.

“So if you have lots of little socks and jocks in your washing this is how I use my washing basket to dry mine,” the photo was captioned.

“Saves a lot of stuffing around with lots of pegs.” 

Allowing them to air on both sides, and separating each item to make the most of the space, anyone who has battled with the mind-numbing task of individually pegging tiny pieces on the clothesline will be thrilled at the new, easy way of the future.

Homemakers amazed

Needless to say,  the hack was received with amazement by the online community. 

Many - myself included - were kicking themselves they were only just learning of the time-saving hack.

“Why have I never thought of this!” one woman wondered.

“Mind is blown,” another agreed.

Others were also quick to praise the mum.

“So clever,” another shared.

“This is genius!!” was another comment.

“Game changer!” seemed to be the general consensus.

Others revealed they had been using the hack for years.

“I do this too. Saves you so much time of hanging one sock at a time with a peg on the line,” one wrote.

“I've always done this! So much easier,” another agreed.

The laundry basket trick comes on the back of a rising number of homemakers sharing their personal tips and tricks online with great success.

Earlier in the year, one mum shared her clever way of cutting down on time and stress at the Aldi checkout using just two items, while another revealed a single $6 item that completely transformed her kitchen tiles.

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