Mum's 'genius, stress free' Aldi checkout hack

A mum has come up with a genius hack to cut down on time at Aldi checkouts and eliminate the need for bags altogether.

The woman recently shared the shopping method she has been using two years, in a Facebook group.

She said she brings two of her own plastic tubs along with her to the grocery store, placing them next to each other in her trolley.

After purchasing all the items and placing them back into the tubs, she can easily transfer them to her car without using separate bags.

“When doing my shopping I put the heaviest items at the in the front of the tub so that they come out first onto the belt and then I distribute the heavy things evenly into the two tubs after they have been swiped at the register,” the mum said.

Pictured are the two tubs in the cart and then in the woman's car. Source: Facebook
A mother has shared her clever trick for breezing through the check out, cutting down on time and not using a single shopping bag. Source: Facebook

“You’ll be surprised how much you can fit into them.”

The mum said she has saved a lot of time because she doesn’t have to pack individual bags and then take those bags out of the trolley one by one to place into the car.

She also said if one of the tubs is too heavy and she is struggling to move it from the trolley to the car, she simply puts a few heavy items from one tub into the other while she moves it.

Facebook users praised the mother’s ingenious idea.

“That’s so smart, why haven’t I thought of that?” one mother pondered.

Many others said they also utilise a similar system while shopping.

A second woman said she forgoes putting a plastic bin in the trolley, instead placing a tub in the boot of her car.

When she’s done shopping, she transfers the items directly from the trolley into the tub.

Another mum said she once saw a lady use laundry baskets instead of plastic tubs.

The mum who shared the hack said she purchased the tubs from Bunnings, however, other people suggested you could buy similar buckets from Kmart or Aldi.

The tubs are seen full of items. Source: Facebook
The mother says the tubs hold a lot of goods, and the transfer from the trolley to the car efficient. Source: Facebook

In July last year, Aldi committed to cutting down on a quarter of plastic packaging from its range within five years.

The supermarket giant will also remove problematic single-use plastics such as straws, plastic disposable tableware and plastic stemmed cotton buds from stores by 2020.

Unlike other major supermarkets in Australia, Aldi has never offered single-use plastic bags, a decision that has prevented 40,000 tonnes of plastic from entering the environment in the past 18 years.

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