'It's still f***ed': Imogen Anthony slams Melbourne Cup as 'doomsday' for horses

A photo of Kyle Sandilands and Imogen Anthony on the red carpet at the 31st Annual ARIA Awards 2017 at The Star on November 28, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.
Imogen Anthony, pictured with partner Kyle Sandilands, has let loose on the horse racing industry ahead of the Melbourne Cup. Photo: Getty Images.

She may be halfway around the world right now, but that didn’t stop model and animal-lover Imogen Anthony from unleashing an expletive-filled attack on the race that stops the nation, Melbourne Cup.

Kyle Sandilands’ partner of eight years took to Instagram on Saturday to compare the November event to ‘doomsday’, and to blast the horse racing industry’s ‘f***ed’ treatment of ‘defenceless, unaware’ racehorses.

The 28-year-old PETA advocate also took aim at punters - including celebrity racegoers - for choosing to turn a blind eye to acts of animal cruelty in exchange for social media status.

A photo of Imogen Anthony wearing a black fishnet dress.
Imogen and her partner Kyle have rescued several former racehorses. Photo: Instagram/imogen_anthony.

Imogen puts horse racing on blast

The blonde beauty, who has also opened up about her mental health in the past, refused to hold back in the lengthy caption she posted alongside two photos of herself and her horse, Hunter.

“It’s DARK DERBY DAY and Hunter & I are sad,” wrote Imogen, who has previously posed nude covered in fake blood for a PETA campaign.

“Derby Day is still f***ed but it means that it is only a few days away from DOOMSDAY for some defenceless, unaware horses,” she went on.

“And just because I’m over in LA living my best life this week, it doesn’t change the fact that countless horses will be RACED and WHIPPED to the furthest extent of their capabilities (imagine being flogged out of fright and then made to run at your TOP speed consecutively for a few minutes without stopping, again whilst being whipped with relatively short man on your back),” Imogen continued.

“And lot’s of you are dressing for it - I see you... but why?? Can’t we celebrate this kind of statement (if y’all must) with an event that doesn’t hurt horses?? Why does your social media grab mean more than them?? I don’t understand... it’s f***ing weird...” she added.

“Stop celebrating cruelty, damn,” she concluded.

Animal advocate Imogen

It’s not the first time Imogen has spoken out on the controversial topic, even going so far as to risk a friendship to adhere to her morals.

In September, she publically levelled criticism at friend and fellow model Tegan Martin after she was announced as a 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival ambassador.

Imogen shared her thoughts in the comments section of the former Miss Universe winner’s Instagram post, calling the event ‘horrible and barbaric’.

“I love you, but I’m being that person for a (minute) which I hate,” she began.

“You look stunning and that horse is beautiful but the Melbourne Cup absolutely SUCKS,” she added, before revealing that she and Kyle, 48, ‘have countless rescued racehorses’.

“Such a horrible and barbaric event for the poor beautiful, defenceless horses involved. Even the one you’re pictured with could end up flogged and shot at the end,” Imogen went on.

Although she appeared to absolve Tegan of any guilt, writing, ‘Not your fault babe - you’re just doing a job,’ Imogen wished that people would recognise the ‘pure and utter torture’ the horses go through.

Imogen’s bold statement comes just days after race day regular Megan Gale, 44, revealed she’s decided to shun the Cup amid animal cruelty claims.

Earlier this month, a two-year ABC investigation revealed shocking allegations hundreds of Australian racehorses are being sent to the slaughterhouse.

A screenshot of an Instagram comment by Imogen Anthony slamming model Tegan Martin's involvement with the Melbourne Cup.
Imogen takes her friend Tegan Martin to task for her involvement with the Melbourne Cup. Photo: Instagram/imogen_anthony.

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