Kyle Sandilands' girlfriend reveals depression and body dysmorphia battle

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Kyle Sandilands' girlfriend Imogen Anthony has opened up about her battle with depression and body dysmorphia in a brave Instagram post. Photo: Getty Images

Kyle Sandilands' girlfriend Imogen Anthony has bravely opened up about her difficult youth, a time during which she experienced bullying, depression and body dysmorphia.

The model made the revelations in an Instagram post where she detailed intimate moments in her past which included being socially alienated in high school.

“I grew up with zero self confidence and was far from ‘skinny’,” Imogen wrote above a picture of her from a runway show in 2014.

“I either attempted to self harm - or I turned to the bakery and ate the s*** load of hot chips you got for $2 from the local shop. I was depressed.”

“(Some days I) literally had no one to sit with or even talk to.”

These woes continued to affect the now 27-year-old for years, feelings which were compounded by her family regularly moving to towns across New South Wales.

Photo: Instagram/imogen_anthony

“I had been either semi ‘cool’ at some schools or horribly bullied at others to the point of literally having no one to sit with or even talk to.

“The teachers did f*** all... Pure Hell,” she added.

Imogen went on to explain how the dark period affected the type of person she has become in the decade since she finished school.

“Why do you think I have so many tattoos on my arms?” she asked followers

“You can cover scars, but they will be there forever. Physically AND mentally.”

Ultimately, it was a move to Sydney half way through Year 11 which marked a shift for Imogen, but the joy wasn’t to last.

“I took myself to Sydney where I lost a s*** load of weight at around 17,” she wrote.

“I didn't have anorexia, I had a borderline body dysmorphia and saw something different to what everyone else saw. I hated myself for a while there.”

Imogen later turned to modelling in a bid to ‘beat whatever anxieties I had with that mask’ before meeting her long-term partner Kyle in 2011.

Last year, she paid homage to her youth in an unrecognisable throwback shot which featured a baby-faced version of the star at 17, when she was in the grips of her woes.

If you are concerned about the mental health of yourself or a loved one, seek support and information by calling Lifeline on 13 11 14, Mensline on 1300 789 978, or Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800

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