Kyle Sandilands' 'disgraceful' comment about Meghan's mum edited

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Kyle Sandilands has copped heat for his latest dig at the royals. Photo: KIIS FM

Kyle Sandilands isn’t new to causing controversy with his outrageous remarks, however many have slammed his latest vile comments about the royals - particularly Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland - saying he has gone too far.

In an interview with Thomas Markle Jnr, Meghan's estranged half brother, on KIIS FM on Monday, Kyle made a series of remarks that have caused outrage among listeners, with many labelling them ‘racist’ and ‘disgusting’.

From joking about offering “sexual” services to the Queen, to calling Meghan’s mother “the black mum”, the station was forced to remove some of the comments when the interview was shared online.

He referred to Doria Ragland as 'the black mum'. Photo: Getty

Kyle was asking Thomas about the family’s strained relationship when he referred to Doria Ragland as “the black mum”.

He also suggested women would “open their legs” for Thomas because he has a “princess sister”.

That section was part of a large chunk of the audio also removed, according to the SMH.

The controversial comments were in an interview with Thomas Markle Jnr. Photo: KIIS FM

Thomas also joked about moving into Frogmore Cottage and “offering his services” to the Queen, to which Kylie responded “what, sexually?” before taking aim at Prince Harry’s cousins Beatrice or Eugenie.

“What about one of those freckly cousins ... Eugenie or whatever its name was,” he asked. “Would you go there? You know, the freckly cousins, the red-headed bloody things with the stupid hats. Would you go there?”

Listeners took to social media almost immediately to share their dismay at the comments.

“He has no shame at all. I hope companies rethink whether they want to advertise on that garbage show, Absolutely disgraceful behaviour but it is not surprising, he has form,” one person wrote.

Despite the uproar, the radio network defended Kyle’s comments claiming they were “cheeky” and meant to be light hearted.

“This was a cheeky and irreverent interview in the style that regular listeners of the show are accustomed to,” an Australian Radio Network spokesperson said in a statement to the publication.

“When listening to this interview within the context of the show, it is clear this is a light-hearted and inoffensive chat.”

Kyle Sandilands has yet to comment on the outrage. In September he was forced to apologise after protesters called for him to be fired over ‘offensive’ jokes made about the Virgin Mary.

Among the shock jock’s comments were claims that anyone who believed the story of the immaculate conception was an idiot.

He also made lewd remarks about the ‘real way’ Mary conceived Jesus, while co-host Jackie O protested that religious communities had a right to believe what they wanted to.

Kyle apologised to the Daily Telegraph on Friday.

“I’m sorry if I offended anyone with my comments,” he said.

“Everyone is entitled to their own religious beliefs and I’m fully supportive of that right.”

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