Kyle apologises for 'vile' joke as protestors call for his sacking

Kyle Sandilands has apologised as protestors call for his resignation
Kyle Sandilands has apologised as protestors call for his resignation. Photo: KIISFM

Kyle Sandilands has issued an apology after protesters called for him to be fired over ‘offensive’ jokes made about the Virgin Mary.

The shock jock may have taken it too far last week, when he let fly a string of jokes about the religious figure, offending the two largest religious communities in Australia in one fell swoop.

Protestors gather

Among the shock jock’s comments were claims that anyone who believed the story of the immaculate conception was an idiot.

He also made lewd remarks about the ‘real way’ Mary conceived Jesus, while co-host Jackie O protested that religious communities had a right to believe what they wanted to.

The Virgin Mary is central to the Christian belief, as well as playing a part in Islamic scripture, and a video of the exchange was pulled from social media after it sparked protests both online and outside the KIISFM studios this morning.

Protestors are calling for Kyle's sacking. Photo: Facebook/
Protestors are calling for Kyle's sacking. Photo: Facebook/

Kyle apologised to the Daily Telegraph on Friday.

“I’m sorry if I offended anyone with my comments,” he said.

“Everyone is entitled to their own religious beliefs and I’m fully supportive of that right.”

The shock joke left fans of the show aghast after he described Mary as a “liar” who got knocked up “behind a camel shed”.

The comment has been slammed as both offensive to religious communities, and racially charged towards Arab people.

Outcry online

Comments came in thick and fast slamming the radio host for his words.

“Low life scumbags @kyleandjackieo think they are funny when they mock the Virgin Mary who many faiths believe in,” one listener wrote.

“Kyle Sandilands remarks about the Blessed Virgin Mary lying about losing her virginity is disgusting. It's offensive to both Christians and Muslims,” another pointed out.

“Kyle Sandilands is rude, vulgar and downright offensive and shouldn't be able to get away with it just because he hosts a radio show,” another said.

On Monday morning, religious protestors gathered outside of the Macquarie Park recording studios to call for the shock jokes resignation, or sacking, over the affair.

Islamic Instagrammer Steve Dabliz shared footage of the protest to his social media where it attracted hundreds of likes and comments.

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