Kyle and Jackie O shocked by man's pros and cons list for girlfriend

A man who called into The Kyle and Jackie O Show recently shocked the hosts with the harsh pros and cons list he'd written as he was rethinking whether or not he wanted to be with his girlfriend.

Liam shared the list but admitted his main reason for not breaking up with his girlfriend was because "trying to find a new one" would be difficult.

Kyle and Jackie O
Kyle and Jackie O were left shocked by a listener's pros and cons list for his girlfriend, who he claims has gained too much weight. Photo: Instagram/Kyle and Jackie O

Some of his pros included the fact that she has large boobs and her ability to "look hot but not sl**ty".

"She loves my mum and my mum loves her," he said, adding that being close to his family is important to him.

"I want my family to like my girlfriend - is something more spiritual like family going to trump the fatness of her?" he questioned.


Liam also revealed that his girlfriend is a great cook and even makes him lunch every day, she also has a cute dog and buys him great presents.

"She gives great massages and is always horny," he added, saying he also likes the fact she has her Instagram on private so no random guys can send her messages.

Kyle and Jackie O told Liam they weren't sure what the issue was, however, when he rattled off his cons list, they told him that if he was thinking about breaking up with her, he should do it for her sake, as well as his own.

"I did love her body, but she has lost her way," he said. "I spend time at the gym working on myself, why can't she?"

He claimed that she weighed 68kg when they first started dating, but she now weighs 93kg and is six feet tall, like him.

Liam said that her decision not to shave or wax was one of the biggest cons.

He also shared that they like filming themselves in the bedroom and putting it on Pornhub, but he makes her wear a T-shirt now.

"It is obviously the weight thing and the hairy thing what bothers me the most - when filming stuff she is flopping around everywhere. No one wants to see that," he said.

His cons list continued, with Liam saying he didn't like her morning breath, the fact she bites her fingernails and can't drive.

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