Woman's pros and cons about her date goes viral: 'I'm in tears'

Many of us have probably been on a date with someone and just aren't sure whether or not to go on another, so creating a pros and cons list may seem like a good way to figure out whether or not you should continue seeing them.

Well, one woman in the UK has left social media users in hysterics after her friend shared her pros and cons list for the man she's currently dating, due to one shock detail.

A woman's pros and cons list about a man she's dating
A woman's pros and cons list about a man she's dating has gone viral for one hilarious reason with her friend joking that she's 'in tears' over it. Photo: Twitter/Isobellllla

Twitter user @Isobellllla shared the list, which has since gone viral with over 150,000 likes.

"Absolutely begging everyone to read this pros an cons list my mate has come up with for a lad she’s speaking to cos I’m losing my mind over it I’m in tears," she wrote.

In the pros section were things such as the fact she 'fancies' him, he's "passionate about work", has a "good job", a "fit accent" and "wants a relationship".


In the cons section were things such as "doesn't drink alcohol," "strict gym/diet regime," "lives in squalor" and then the most concerning one, which was written very casually: "Arrested for kidnap."

Twitter users were stunned, finding it hilarious that she wasn't more concerned about the fact he'd previously been arrested for kidnapping someone.

"Arrested for kidnap only the 5th con that came to her," one joked.

Isobella said she was 'in tears' over the list. Photo: Getty
Isobella said she was 'in tears' over the list. Photo: Getty

"Arrested for kidnap... deffo a keeper!!" another joked.

"I cant believe the list carried on after 'arrested for kidnap' that would have been the final straw for the like," a third wrote.

Another referenced the numerous points that had been covered up, "I can’t give feedback till I see what’s blocked out."

"I mean if the arrested for kidnap bit isn’t blacked out god knows what has been redacted," someone else replied.

Isobella responded, "No the newest additions are even funnier but I would literally get taken in for questioning if anyone saw them HAHA.

"Each individual thing off the con list outweighs any of the pro."

It's unknown if Isobella's friend actually did decide to go on another date with the man, but we hope she didn't!

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