Kourtney Kardashian's 'upside down' bikini causes a stir

Kourtney Kardashian has been dubbed ‘body goals’ by her fans, after sharing a bunch of summery-snaps on Instagram wearing what is possibly one of her smallest bikinis yet.

“A little fun in the sun,” the 41-year-old captioned the images, that quickly amassed millions of likes and thousands of comments.

kourtney kardashian red bikini
Kourtney looked 'hot' in this little red number. Photo: Instagram/kourtneykardash

“I’m dead,” one of her fans wrote.

“Coming in hot,” another added.

While others were impressed by Kourtney’s toned physique after having three kids.


“Praying to God I look this good at 41 with 3 kids,” one person wrote.

Clearly enjoying the attention the images were getting, Kourtney was quick to follow them up with another shot of the same swim set, with the caption: “Parched (bc my content is thirsty this week LOL)”.

kourtney kardashian upside down bikini photos
Her photos quickly received millions of likes. Photo: Instagram/kourtneykardash

The upside-down bikini trend actually emerged way back in 2018 thanks to Italian model and blogger Valentina Fradegrada.

All you need is a halterneck bikini, which gets tied at the top to sit over your chest and making it look like the bikini is upside down… hence the name.

It was quickly adopted, and adapted by our very own bikini queen Tammy Hembrow, who soon rocked the look on her Instagram.

While a holiday, Amsterdam-based influencer Rianne Meijer showcased a very similar unusual way of wearing her leopard print bikini top, but it left several of her followers ‘so confused.’

Instead of tying the string bikini top the traditional way, Rianne opted to flip it upside down so the strap that would normally tie around her waist now went around her neck and vice versa.

“I was so confused to see you wearing top this way,” admitted one follower.

“Honestly thought it was a mistake,” remarked another.

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