Kmart's 'incredible' bargain appliance sends shoppers into a frenzy: 'Bloody magical'

This kitchen appliance is flying off shelves and there's a good reason why!

Kmart bread maker (left) and dough visible inside (right).
Bread making became wildly popular during lockdown and it seems some have carried on baking it themselves at home. Photo: Facebook

Kmart shoppers have been sent into a spin over a "very impressive" kitchen appliance. While the budget retailer is known for offering up some of the best dupes around, with shoppers constantly on the lookout for newly released items, this long-standing kitchen appliance still seems to be high on the must-have Kmart kitchen gadget list.

The $79 breadmaker is being labelled a “bargain buy” by Kmart fans, who say they simply can’t fault the easy-to-use machine. In a post on social media, one shopper recently revealed that her purchase was “well worth it” after taking it home and testing it out.

“Well, I’m impressed and highly recommend the bread maker. Can’t wait to try other recipes. $79 is a bargain!” she wrote on a Kmart fan’s Facebook page dedicated to Kmart hacks.

“I have a crook shoulder, so that is the reason I got it. I didn’t want to pay a fortune. It’s a decent size, about 1/2 the size of a normal loaf.”


Compared to other similar machines on the market, the Kmart bread maker is by far the most affordable, with other popular brands retailing for well over $100, including on eBay and Amazon.

Apart from the budget price and fuss-free bread-making process, the woman said the machine had other advantages too.

Using a store-bought bread mix costing $10.50, she was able to make four loaves, saving money on her weekly grocery bill. Research from comparison site Finder found that the cost of two loaves of bread has increased from $7.90 in 2022 to $9.80 in 2024, up by 22 per cent.

“When making your own, you know what is in it and that there are no added chemicals. The less processing, the better,” she said.

Homemade bread
The Kmart kitchen gadget has rave reviews with hundreds of shoppers saying it's well worth the purchase. Photo: Facebook

Several other Kmart shoppers said they, too, loved their machine, saying it was the perfect set-and-forget appliance.

“I've been happy with mine. Set before bed and wake up to freshly baked bread,” one person said.

“They do a wonderful job. Love mine!” added another, with a third saying: “Had mine for ages. Very happy with it.”


The reviews on the Kmart website were just as positive, with over 276 positive reviews.

“This little guy is incredible! I have to say I was a bit dubious about how well he’d work because he was so cheap, but we’ve used him every day for the past four months, and he is bloody magical! Such good bread and such excellent value!” one happy shopper wrote.

“We love this little bread maker! It is amazing and way better than we were expecting. Relatively quiet, and very easy to clean, and every loaf we've made so far has been delicious and easy. Well worth getting,” agreed another.

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