'Love it!': Kmart toy box hack sweeping social media

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A nifty trend for transforming a simple Kmart toy box into a gorgeous personalised piece is sweeping social media, with fans gushing about how much they love it.

After being inspired by a fellow DIYer on Facebook, mum Kaitlyn tried the hack on the discount retailer’s $59 wooden toy box which features plain white sides and an oak veneer lid.

One mum transformed this Kmart toy box for her daughter. Photo: Facebook.

“I actually got the idea off of another lady from the [Facebook] group a while ago so I can’t take the credit,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Using a staple gun, some curtain material and paint from Spotlight and the stuffing from an old pillow, Kaitlyn turned the lid of the box into a colourful and comfy bench seat.

On the front, her daughter’s name, ‘Charlotte’, is spelled out in blue letters (also from Spotlight).

“My partner did most of it, I just painted and stuck the letters on. It took us about 1.5 hours, maybe. Not too long,” Kaitlyn says.

Toy box trend takes off

Fans of the hack took to the comments to praise Kaitlyn’s work — “Love it! I'm so doing this to ours !!!” one wrote — and also share photos of their own creations.

One mum also turned the lid into a seat but opted to cover the white sides in Kmart’s vinyl adhesive and some faux blooms for a natural finish.

From simple to spectacular: many are sharing how they're jazzing up Kmart's wooden toy box (above). Photo: Facebook.

For Georgia, her toy box transformation was a labour of love for a special little girl’s first birthday.

“I saw other [toy box hacks] on this page and I knew my best friend’s daughter needed a toy box and I thought what better idea to make it personalised — purple being her favourite colour,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

For her makeover, Georgia used purple fabric and acrylic paint from Lincraft, chair pads from Fantastic Furniture and letters from a variety store.

The project took her about two hours but the effort was worth it; “[It’s] a gift that will last a lifetime and will be well used,” she says.

Another toy box makeover, this time for a first birthday. Photo: Facebook.

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