Kmart slammed over 'useless' $10 item: 'These don't work'

"These reviews are not promising," one Kmart shopper wrote.

Kmart's $10 space saver bag
Kmart has been slammed on Instagram over a 'useless' $10 item, with many saying it doesn't work. Photo: Instagram/kmartaus

Kmart fans have slammed the retailer on Instagram after they shared a video of their $10 Space Bags Combo with Pump, which comes with four bags to help you save space in your house by vacuum sealing clothes, blankets and whatever else you can fit in there.

"Insane storage solution for just $10," text in the video reads, adding that the bag "shrinks down to half the size"."

"No dust, no moths, obsessed!"

Kmart captioned the video, "Pack away your summer clothes like a pro with our space saving Bags with Pump, $10."


However, shoppers who had purchased the space-saving bags were not impressed by the item, with one Instagram user writing, "These are rubbish and don’t work. I have used a vacuum to help seal it, and it never stays sealed."

"Never had trouble maybe [you] overfilled," another said, defending the item. "I've moved 6 times all clothes, linen fantastic."

"I originally thought that but I tried with less stuff in them and it still didn’t work, even took them back and got a new box of them and they did the same thing," the original commenter responded.

"Yep agree! Bought twice, didn’t overfill and still didn’t stay sealed," another buyer said.

"Within days the air is back in them. They don’t work and don’t seal very well. And no I didn’t overfill them," someone else wrote.

"These reviews are not promising 😭," another person said, while one added, "And everything stinks after using them … 🤮."

Many Kmart shoppers simply described the item as "useless", but others thought it looked great, with someone else writing, "I need this."

"Can confirm these are a winner!" another said.

Kmart $10 Space Bags Combo with Pump
Kmart $10 Space Bags Combo with Pump. Photo: Kmart

One user also shared detailed tips to help other people who might be looking to buy the bags, writing, "I have used space bags from the Space Bag brand for many years and now use these Kmart ones because they are a lot cheaper. I have stored all my kids' clothes and mine, linen etc.

"I must have over 50 plus space bags in storage, why? Because some things are seasonal and there are also clothes that I want to pass onto my grandchildren one day hopefully rather than toss into landfill and then re-buy in the future."


They added, "My tips to anyone having difficulties, when you take the vacuum cleaner off press your finger on the silicone nozzle before you screw the white cap on. Sometimes, this can move slightly, and if you listen carefully, you can hear air releasing from here. Secondly, don’t rely on the tab that you slide across to close the bag. Use your fingers to run across and ensure it’s sealed.

"Thirdly, ALWAYS wash before you store stuff. Lastly, lay everything open and flat, so don’t put your T-shirts for instance folded like you would have them in your wardrobe. I hope this helps some people."

However, on the Kmart website, the product has a promising 4.4 out of 5 stars, so it may be worth trying out!

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Kmart for comment.

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