Kmart shoppers lose it over Stanley snack tray dupe: 'Omg so need this'

It appears Kmart has all the serious snacking essentials you need!

First came Kmart’s version of the Stanley and now it appears Kmart has done it again! The budget retailer is seriously dominating when it comes to dropping the latest dupes and the newest item is no exception.

The viral Amazon Snack Ring for Stanley has been taking TikTok and the social media world by storm and now, you can easily pick one up at Kmart for a fraction of the price.

The snack bowl is a multi-sectioned ring-shaped container that sits perfectly around the top of the viral Stanley cup. The super convenient design makes it the perfect place to store multiple snacks on the go, or while chilling on the couch for that matter.

Kmart stanley snack tray dupe
The Kmart version works just as well as the Amazon version of the viral Stanley accessory. Photo: Facebook/Amazon

While the Amazon version retails for $14.99, the Kmart version called the Car Bottle Bowl is just $5 - with the price even trumping online retailers Temu and Shein on price.


It’s also available in four colours and fits perfectly on the Kmart Stanley cup dupe.

Social media has since become a buzz with the new Kmart drop.

“Omg so need this,” one person already excitedly shared on Facebook with another adding “Dreams really do come true”. Meanwhile a third declared “Kmart here I come!”

But the price isn't the only thing sending shoppers crazy for the hot new release. Those lucky enough to have already scored one are saying it is better than the original.

“Thanks for the snack holder Kmart,” one shopper shared to the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook page after using it with the Kmart dupe of the Stanley cup.

“I have a snack holder from Amazon too, this one is more sturdy.”

Fellow shoppers couldn’t wait to get their hands on one.

“Holy heck shut up and take my money,” one shopper wrote.

“Now I guess I'll need to get one of these cups so I can get the snack tray,” added another.

Kmart stanley snack tray dupe
The Car Bottle bowl comes in a range of colours to match the Kmart Jumbo Tumbler cups. Photo: Kmart

Multiple people also added that the new item was already proving difficult to track down.

“They are out of stock online already,” one person wrote

Others deemed it the perfect addition to their next camping trip, watching from the sidelines at their child’s sporting event and park picnics.


But not everyone was excited about the trend with one person asking why it was even necessary.

“Or you could just get a plate?” The person questioned. Meanwhile, another said the trend wouldn’t last long.

“These Stanley-style cups are already popping up all through the local op shops. Trends really don't last long at all these days!”

But for now, it appears the bowls are set to be another sell-out Kmart dupe.

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