Clever Kmart shopper turns $20 kid's dress into chic outfit

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A clever Kmart shopper has wowed hack enthusiasts with an ingenious way of slashing spending on clothes while managing to maintain her fashionable style in the process.

We all know a friend whose tiny feet or petite figure means they can easily wear a pair of shoes or clothes from the kid’s section, but one mum is proving that some kids styles can be repurposed into stylish, and fashion-forward options for adults of a range of sizes.

Mum wears Kmart yellow kids dress as adult side-boob dress
Charlene turned this $22 kids dress into a sizzling summer number. Photo: Supplied

Mum Charlene says she doesn’t let stores’ ‘male’, ‘female’ and ‘kids’ sections define where she shops and has encouraged other mums to have a peek in the Kmart kids section when looking for stylish buys at reasonable prices.

Taking to a popular Facebook page, Charlene proved her point by showing off an adorable $22 yellow dress from the retailer that fits her like a glove, despite being a kids 14.

Image of product info for Kmart Tiered Maxi Dress for kids
The dress is from the kids section where it comes in a variety of colours. Photo: Supplied

“When you shop in the kid’s section,” Charlene captioned the snap. “Size 14 kids - I am normally a [size 8- 12] adults.”

The dress in question is a tiered maxi dress in ‘shell’ from Kmart’s kids range, and on Charlene, is a gorgeous backless number, with the perfect hint of side boob.


Charlene tells Yahoo Lifestyle she feels strongly about the way shops tend to section out clothes, saying she thinks they have the system all wrong.

“I feel that clothing should be sectioned by item style not gender or age,” Charlene says. “[For example] shorts should all be together. No ‘womens’, ‘mens’ ‘kids’ so the styles and pricing are more transparent.”

Mums in love with ‘sexy’ dress

Charlene yellow dress Kmart hack kids dress into side-boob dress
The dress fit Charlene like a glove, and had other mums determined to try the same trick. Photo: Supplied

Other mums were obsessed with the clever idea to turn the cute kid look into a summery adult number.

“Cute, fun and totally sassy!” one mum wrote. “Gorgeous!”

“I always shop in the kid section!” another confessed. “They’ve got much better clothing than the adults.”

Others loved the sexy twist on the romantic look.

“Omg that is hot!” another wrote. “Off to Kmart I go.”

“It's so cute!” another agreed. “Love the backless and side boob. Seriously wishing I fit into the kid’s section.”

“I to am jealous of the side boob you look stunning,” another mum wrote.

Kmart shoppers are famous for getting inventive with the store’s massive range of items, with jaw-dropping hacks regularly going viral online.

The latest hack that turned our heads was a clever Christmas fridge idea that saw shoppers using cooling racks and oven trays as portable shelves to balance on top of items in the fridge.

The clever trick can almost double the capacity of your fridge and was a life-saver for many a fraught frigidaire this holiday season.

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