The signs your wardrobe is in serious need of decluttering

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If you’re guilty of the ‘I’ll wear it one day’ mantra then your wardrobe is probably in serious need of some TLC.

Especially given the time of year – we all know how many extra things you accumulate between Christmas and the Boxing Day sales. Not to mention the things you haven’t worn in years, the things you’re keeping for sentimental reasons, and the things you completely forgot you even still had.

Sound like you? Well decluttering specialist Jo Carmichael believes it’s never too late to start ‘spring cleaning’, not only for your cupboard’s sake but your sanity too.

“Clothing has become more affordable, and following fashion trends is a favourite pastime for many, so consequently our wardrobes can fill up pretty quickly,” Jo tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Is your wardrobe getting out of hand? Photo: Getty
Is your wardrobe getting out of hand? Photo: Getty

Jo says one of the biggest mistakes people make is being hesitant to throw out a dud item. Maybe you’ve snagged a bargain but even though it doesn’t fit properly you won’t toss it.

she says choosing what to part with comes down to five simple rules.

“Discard if: You don’t like it anymore, it doesn’t fit or feel comfortable, isn’t flattering, is torn or badly stained beyond repair, you have more than five multiples,” she tells us.

But what if we might wear it again – one day?

“It’s a dilemma,” Jo admits.

“Truth is when they bring back a fashion, the cut of fabric has been improved with stretch or elasticity and the new version often looks better on people than the original item if you still have it.

“If you’re trying to lose weight and don’t want to toss your size 6 skinny jeans, there is no need to keep these smaller sized garments you are aspiring to fit into. Instead treat yourself to some new style smaller sized clothing when you’re trimmed down.”

Time to throw some things away. Photo: Youtube/HBO
Time to throw some things away. Photo: Youtube/HBO

The best way to feel good while ‘throwing’ clothes is to either try and sell them online to try and make some money, or donate to a local charity.

If you’re holding onto items for sentimental reasons, Jo suggests storing them in a ‘Memorabilia box’, rather than leaving them hanging with your everyday clothes.

In terms of how often we should be cleaning out our closets, Jo recommends at least twice a year.

Donating clothes is a good way to feel good about getting rid of items. Photo: Getty
Donating clothes is a good way to feel good about getting rid of items. Photo: Getty

“A painless way to do a mini-cleanse is when you are packing and unpacking for a weekend or holiday,” she suggests.

“When you see those worn out socks left behind in the drawer that you don’t want to wear – toss them in the bin now instead.

“Apply this method to all the dregs that get left behind when you pack your favourites.”

Right then, time to make some room.

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