Kmart party buy sends shoppers into hysterics: 'Can't work it out'

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Kmart shoppers have shared their confusion over a set of party balloons for sale at the popular store, with plenty of people likening them to some rather hilarious things.

"Kmart, you’ve done it again," a shopper wrote, sharing an image of the Round Foil Sparkle Balloons in a Facebook group. "I can’t work out this out at all? I wish I’d bought them to see if the actual product looked like this."

kmart party balloons
Kmart shoppers were left confused by these party balloons. Photo: Facebook

The post quickly sparked a host of hysterical comments with some people comparing the balloons to embryos and other cheeky body parts.


"Looks like an egg splitting in the extremely early stages of pregnancy!" one person commented.

"Wow I thought they were bum balloons," another mused, with another person agreeing: "Haha me too - bum cheeks!"

"Floating bum cracks!" was another response.

While one person suggested they would be a great inclusion in a celebration for getting a 'kidney transplant'.

The balloons come in pink and silver and while they might look a little baffling, the idea is to add a string of lights (the sparkle) inside the inner balloon for some extra bling.


Earlier this month Kmart shoppers were also left in hysterics after a pair of comfort pants sold by the popular department store went viral online.

One shopper took to a popular Kmart Facebook group to share a photo of the Slouchy Comfort Pants that retail for $9-$15, in particular the pink version, which left some people scratching their heads.

“I prefer to wear my vagina on the inside of my pants thanks” one person commented.

“A nice shade of vulva pink.. no thanks,” was another response.

"Comes with a built in camel toe," another mused.

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