New Woolworths Disney Ooshies fleeced on eBay within days

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Woolworths shoppers are delighted at the news a new set of Disney Ooshies has arrived in stores, but barely have the new figures touched down and already controversy has erupted.

The two new collectibles are a pair of miniature Minnie and Mickey Mouse Ooshies, but unlike their standard counterparts, you'll need to fork out for the privilege of owning either of the Disney royals.

The brand new Easter Disney Micke and Minnie Mouse Ooshies are already causing a stir among Woolworths shoppers. Photo: Facebook
The brand new Easter Disney Micke and Minnie Mouse Ooshies are already causing a stir among Woolworths shoppers. Photo: Facebook

Each figurine costs $10 and is a part of a Mickey and friends Easter Disney range available at Woolworths now, which includes a selection of kid-friendly items to get into the Easter spirit.

Previous Ooshies were given out for free after a certain amount spent on groceries, but it doesn't seem like the new price tag will be deterring shoppers from getting their mitts on the hugely popular toys.


After the new figurines were announced Facebook groups quickly exploded with excitement, and some frustration about the new buys.

Disney Easter Ooshies going for 10x the price online

Image of Mickie and Minnie Mouse Easter Disney Ooshie collectibles from Woolworths sold online at markup
These Ooshies are on eBay for $70. Photo: eBay

Many reported the figurines are already being sold for up to 10 times their RRP on second-hand sites like eBay

On a swap and sell Facebook page one woman reported the figures are already fetching astronomical prices online, and indeed listings have quickly cropped in the few days since the buys arrived.

"People already selling them for $70 close to $100 on eBay," she wrote.

Image of eBay second hand Disney Easter Micke and Minnie Mouse Ooshies
Within days, the collectibles have appeared at a whopping mark up on sites like eBay Photo: Supplied

Most listings price the $10 buys at a mark up of around 500-700%, selling them for $50 or $70 apiece, but some very bold users are asking for up to $100 for the large ones. 

The speed at which the figurines hit the second-hand site left many shocked, but it's not unusual for the wildly popular collectibles to go for hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

Full sets and Woolies' 'ultra-rare' finds have been known to fetch thousands online, with an ultra-rare Baby Yoda going for $100,000 on eBay in September 2020.

Image of Woolworths
Some shoppers are frustrated their local Woolworths stores have not yet received the limited Ooshie range. Photo: Getty Images

Others were concerned they couldn't yet find the figures in their stores in states like WA and Tasmania, though a Woolworths spokesperson has confirmed the figures will soon be available in all states.

While eager beavers champ at the bit, others are content to simply express their excitement for when the cute couple do arrive in their local Woolies.

"So cute!" one lady wrote.

"Omg I love it!" another gushed.

"Yay!" one Ooshie lover rejoiced. "They are so adorable."

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