The 'miracle' $6 Kmart brush parents are rushing to buy: 'Really works'

A pain-free hairbrush is a hit with mums and dads.

Parents are praising a little-known dupe from budget retailer Kmart that’s making their life a whole lot easier. The store's Detangling Hair Brush has picked up a following after some mums tested it out and realised just how good it is.

Sharing on social media, one mum raved about the “amazing” brush that removes knots and tangles from her child's hair, pain-free, and the best part is the price. At just $6, the brush is a fraction of the price of popular detangling brushes that can range from $30 to $40 online and according to one happy customer, it works just as well.

Kmart detangle brush
The detangle Kmart brush is designed to 'glide' through hair eliminating knots. Photo: Facebook

"I bought this brush for my 3-year-old daughter, and it's honestly amazing. Gets rid of knots easily and pain-free," she wrote of the Kmart find.

Her post on Kmart Mums Australia racked up hundreds of likes and dozens of comments, with many asking where they can find the miracle brush in store.


Those who had already tried it couldn't agree more, saying it works on the most difficult "nightmare" of hair, including thick, curly and knotty hair.

"I got it for my daughter, and on thick hair if it's knotty, you might need a backup brush. I use this as it hurts less than another one or a comb for any knots it can't get out," one impressed shopper said.

"I purchased this for my 6-year-old's fine knotty hair. She wakes up with a full bird's nest. Works amazing," agreed another.

Those who were yet to try it were equally as impressed, with one person saying it "looks very similar to the expensive wet brushes". Meanwhile, others were very keen to test it out.

Kmart detangle brush
One mum showed off the results of using the brush on her daughter's hair. Photo: Facebook

According to the Kmart website, the brush has been designed to glide through tangles and knots easily and is suitable for wet and dry hair. Several shoppers confirmed that it does just that, with one saying it was "very gentle" on hair.

And it's not just for kids. Some Kmart fans said they’d purchased the brush and "loved it" to use on themselves. "I use this on my hair in the shower, which is thick and curly. It's so good!" one shopper wrote after purchasing the brush. "I have this too, and it's amazing! Like massage for my scalp," commented another.

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