'So clever': Kmart mum transforms plant pot into adorable kids toy

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A mum’s "clever" hack to create a doll bassinet out of a Kmart plant pot has other parents rushing to buy their own version.

Instagram user @that.bambam.life, whose name is Kimmie Tran-Bampton, has shared her adorable Kmart hack using a Woven Plant Stand, which costs $19, along with a set of doll bedding from online store Dear Holly.

Kmart hack turns plant put into doll's bassinet
A mum has shared her 'clever' Kmart hack that transforms a plant pot into a doll's bassinet. Photo: Supplied

Kimmie shared a series of photos of her hack, writing, "Kmart Hack! DIY with minimal effort for this doll rattan-look bassinet.

"I bought a $19 woven plant stand from [Kmart]. [Dear Holly] makes a set containing a mattress, blanket and pillow to fit this planter for $30.

"And you’re done! Easiest #kmarthack ever," she said.

Kimmie continued, saying it was the perfect size for her daughter's doll, Lily, "It is the perfect size for Lily to sleep in and the bed is not very high off the ground so the kids can sit and happily put their babies to sleep without having to stand up to reach inside.

"Kmart also have just released a rattan-look dolls bassinet but that will be taller and cost $39. Personally, I prefer the size and height of the planter turned bassinet because my kids sit on the floor to play."

The hack involves a $19 Woven Plant Stand from Kmart and a mattress and sheet set from online store Dear Holly for $30. Photo: Supplied
The hack involves a $19 Woven Plant Stand from Kmart and a mattress and sheet set from online store Dear Holly for $30. Photo: Supplied

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Kimmie revealed she got her inspiration from after seeing someone else do something similar, "I saw someone use the planter as a dolls bed and thought it was a great idea!

"So, I bought one at my local Kmart and then searched on Instagram to see if anyone could make bedding to fit it. I love supporting small businesses, especially mums in business and found Dear Holly within a few minutes of searching and placed an order straight away!"

She added that her four-year-old daughter, Kayla, "absolutely loved it", adding its low height makes it perfect for kids, "The planter is at a low height, making it perfect for my kids to sit and play with their dolls and put their babies to sleep with ease."

One follower commented, "Such a cute idea!" Another added, "Omg that's so clever."

When asked if she was surprised by the reaction by her followers, Kimmie said, "No, not at all. I knew lots of people would love to see a more affordable option because you can expect to pay upwards of $100+ for a rattan bassinet and this Kmart hack was half that price."

However, some fans were unable to find the basket at their local stores. One user wrote, "It’s such a good idea, I haven’t had any luck finding one at my local."

Kmart Faux Rattan Basket
Kmart sells their own doll's bassinet, however, Kimmie says she prefers her version which is closer to the floor, making it easier for her children to play with. Photo: Kmart

Someone else agreed, "Pity they’re so hard to find... so cute!"

Many fans have been left disappointed about the amount of stock currently in Kmart stores, some have taken to social media to air their frustrations with many writing that their local stores have "nothing".

Others shared their confusion that some products online said they were "coming soon" despite also saying the product has "just landed".

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, a Kmart Spokesperson confirmed the items will be in store "very soon."

"When a product is listed at Kmart.com.au as ‘coming soon’ or as a ‘sneak peek’ it means that the item will be available for customers to enjoy and shop in store or online very soon!

"We thank all our loyal community for their excitement around our new products and encourage them to keep a look out for when they arrive to your nearest store or online."

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