'Soo empty!': Kmart chaos as products fail to reach stores

Kmart fans have shared their disappointment on social media after new products that have been advertised as "Just Landed" are unavailable in stores with many sections still appearing near-empty.

A number of new products including a Tan Bean Bag, Rattan Sideboards, Entertainment Units, Hallway Tables and more feature the "Just Landed" sticker online, however, they also say "Coming Soon" causing some confusion among fans.

kmart tan bean bag
Kmart fans have expressed their confusion with some items online saying "Just Landed" but also say "Coming Soon". Photo: Kmart

Instagram account @Kmart_Bargains, which is run by WA-based Aimee Purser, shared photos of some of the new items which had appeared at her local store, however, many of her followers suggested they were unable to find the items in their local stores.

One follower wrote, "Nothing in shop yet!!!! I rang few shops in Melbourne but it's not even sell online either!!! Exciting for nothing."

Aimee told the follower that she had the opposite experience and had checked out her local store and easily found the new items on the shelves.

Another follower explained, "Each store receives their stock at different times depending on their location due to logistics... It will show up on their computers when it lands in store off the trucks. Our local Kmart in QLD received delivery of 2 large truck loads of the stock late Thursday. It will be scanned and put on shelves today."

Other users shared their disappointment that the stock wasn't online or in store for them yet.

One user asked, "Where’s your local?!?!? Cause mine has nothing." Another added that their store was "soo empty".

In another post, Aimee shared a snap taken by @TheDIYDecorator, who managed to spot the Rattan Sideboard in their local store, however, many of Aimee's followers were unable to find the product anywhere online.

Someone commented, "You must be in any other state than QLD...Brissy stores have no furniture!"

On another post about the Faux Rattan Bassinet, a fan wrote, "I love this but it’s not online or instore????"

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, a Kmart Spokesperson confirmed the items will be in store "very soon."

"When a product is listed at Kmart.com.au as ‘coming soon’ or as a ‘sneak peek’ it means that the item will be available for customers to enjoy and shop in store or online very soon!

"We thank all our loyal community for their excitement around our new products and encourage them to keep a look out for when they arrive to your nearest store or online."

So, keep checking the website and your local stores for your best chance at finding the new items!

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