Kmart launches new 'happy habits for wellness' campaign

With time on our hands and less chance to travel to our favourite retreat a lot of us are creating our own wellbeing retreats at home, making sure that we do what we can to look after our mental health.

Finding time in the day for self-care is fast becoming a priority and our favourite low cost retailer, Kmart, is making sure that we have access to everything we may need to make our homes a sanctuary by launching their 'Happy Habits for Wellness' micro shop.

Candles and fragrance diffusers from Kmart Happy Habits for Wellness range
Creating harmony through scents at Kmart. Photo: Supplied

"We know it is more important than ever to look after ourselves - a healthy mind and body equals a happy life or the difference between a good day to a great day," a spokesperson for Kmart told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

"It can be as little as a good night’s sleep, a healthy meal, a good workout, or just a moment to unwind and pause... and that is why we recently launched the happy habits campaign."


And Kmart fans are loving the new initiative. TikTok user Tashya has already picked out her favourites and shared them with her 11,000 followers which include the jade face roller and matching massage stone.

Kmart's new Happy Habits for Wellness yoga mats
Kmart is helping shoppers get their chill on with their new Happy Habits for Wellness campaign. Photo: Supplied

And even if you're struggling to get started on your wellbeing journey, Kmart is there to help.

"Want to get your wellness on track? It all starts with change. They say it takes just 21 days to form a habit. Start with a few small changes, stick with them and watch your life transform," Kmart says on its site.

They even have books that will help guide you to a better, calmer you.

Wellness books from Kmart
Wellness books from Kmart to start you on the right path. Photo: Kmart

And it's not just in store that Kmart is helping Aussies to address their wellness. They are also helping young communities thrive through their partnership with youth charities The Reach Foundation and Smiling Mind.

"As a dad of two teenage girls, I know that growing up in today’s world can be tough, and it is so important that we do everything we can to support young people navigate life’s challenges," John Gualtieri, Retail Director Kmart Australia & New Zealand said.

Get a better night's sleep with Kmart's Happy Habits for Wellness.. Photo: Supplied
Get a better night's sleep with Kmart's Happy Habits for Wellness. Photo: Supplied

"Young people need us now more than ever, and we are determined to ensure that everyone has access to tools, resources and services that support those who are currently experiencing a mental health challenge or those being proactive with their health. These organisations are experts in this field and are working hard every day to be there for young people," he added.

Now is the time to pick your favourites to create your own little haven of calm at home.

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