Kmart spice rack hack sends shoppers wild: 'What I've been looking for!'

A clever Kmart shopper has repurposed a budget product with great results.

A super clever Kmart shopper has sent shoppers rushing in store after revealing the surprising budget products she hacked to make “the perfect” spice rack.

With pretty impressive results, fellow Kmart fans went wild for her “spice rack hack” after she shared her idea on a Facebook page dedicated to hacking Kmart products.

Surprisingly, the store's most popular make-up storage solution - currently going viral on TikTok- offered the perfect kitchen space-saver too.

The budget retailer’s $15 Modular 3 Tier Skincare Shelf, provided the perfect shelving system to hold multiple round spice jars. And apart from being an ideal size, it looked great too.

“I’m so happy I finally worked out something aesthetically pleasing that worked,” she declared alongside a picture of her design.

kmart spice rack hack
The viral makeup storage shelf also doubles as the perfect spice rack. Source: Facebook

“I used the makeup rack, small glass spice jars and made my own labels!”

The round spice jars were also from Kmart costing $4 each.

She also shared a picture of her before spice rack “situation” which consisted of store-bought spice jars in a tub that she had used for eight years - making her hack a vast improvement.

“I’ve been agonising over finding something that would suit my kitchen,” she added after several people commented on how good it looked.

kmart spice rack hack
Sharing her before photo, the new rack was certainly an improvement. Source: Facebook

She also revealed her hack for creating beautiful labels on a budget after dozens asked her where she got them.

Using the graphic design platform Canva, she created her “perfect labels” and printed them onto vinyl with sticky backing.


“I just used my printer. I designed on Canva, printed on white gloss printable vinyl and cut them out,” she wrote.

Hundreds of Kmart fanatics loved her creation saying that they had spent years trying to find the perfect spice rack to display in their kitchen.

“Far out that's brilliant!” One person wrote.

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” Added another.

Meanwhile, another person said she had absolutely “nailed it” while a fourth said it was perfectly organised.

“Wow, it looks so clean and orderly. Love it. Great hack.”

kmart spice rack hack
The space-saving shelf fit seamlessly into her already organised kitchen. Source: Facebook

Those who use the skincare shelf for its intended use in the bathroom also had rave reviews for the product.

“Bought this shelf because of TikTok and did not disappoint! Super aesthetic and plenty of space for all my skincare,” one online review read.

Plenty of others agreed saying the compact shelf offered plenty of room and was “surprisingly sturdy”

While the shelf is meant to offer a “clutter-free bathroom” according to the Kmart website, it looks to be the perfect solution to a clutter-free kitchen too.

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