Kmart fans give furniture an instant glow-up with $20 product: 'Brilliant'

Shoppers are breathing new life into stale rooms.

Kmart has once again upped its DIY game, with shoppers going wild for the budget retailer's latest addition to its home renovation range.

DIY enthusiasts are in a spin over the store's new $20 five-pack of self-adhesive panels, which offers a budget alternative to pricey panelling and can transform both furniture and feature walls.

Kmart self-adhesive panels on TV unit
An old IKEA cabinet was given a whole new look with the Kmart self-adhesive panels. Photo: Instagram/TheDIYDecorator

Zoe, who runs the popular Instagram account The DIY Decorator, showed off her "brilliant" revamp of an old piece of furniture with the Kmart panels. "I gave our old IKEA TV unit in the kid's living room a glow-up using the new Kmart self-adhesive panels," she shared.

"Simply cut to size and stick on. So easy! I also upgraded the unit's handles with the $6 two-pack gold look lip handles, which are also from Kmart.


"Super impressed with the adhesive panels for the price — it's foam, but quite dense, so great for this type of project! Can't wait to try the leftover panels out elsewhere in our home."

Her followers loved the results. "That looks amazing, and also, they would be great to use in some DIY projects if you had young children as they look very soft," one Instagram user commented.

"Whoa, so many possibilities with this product," responded another.

Kmart self-adhesive panels on bathroom cupboards
Kmart shoppers have been using the panels to revamp bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. Photo: Facebook

According to the Kmart website, the panels are best suited to indoors. They can be used on smooth surfaces, including ceramic and glass tiles, acrylic wall panels, mirrors, smooth painted plasterboard, stainless metal or laminate.

Other shoppers took to Facebook to share how they've used the versatile product in their own homes, including on a shoe cabinet, bathroom cupboards and a chest of drawers.

Kmart self-adhesive panels on furniture
Old furniture looks brand new with the affordable Kmart panels. Photo: Facebook

Although most people seemed to love the panels as a budget makeover option, some weren't so sure. "I wanted to use them as panelling like in the photo, but they are pretty short, so I returned them. They are cheap looking up close but don't look too bad from afar," one Kmart shopper wrote.

Others were concerned that they could get mouldy if used in a bathroom or kitchen space, but we'll have to wait and see if that's the case.

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