Kmart fan slams retailer for 'sexist' and 'unwearable' clothing

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A Kmart customer has shared her frustration on social media after pointing out the huge differences between the brand's men's and women's track pants.

The user realised the $8 basic range of women's tracksuit pants don't have pockets, unlike the men's versions, which are also made of a much thicker material.

Kmart women's and men's track pants
A Kmart customer has slammed the retailer after realising the difference in men's and women's clothing. Photo: Kmart

Kmart does offer women's track pants with pockets, but they're more than double the price at $25.

Taking to Kmart's Facebook page, she wrote: "After visiting Kmart at Airport West today, I was disappointed to see that for the second year running, Kmart are stocking Anko women’s tracksuit pants made of light material and WITHOUT POCKETS.

"I am unsure why women’s track pants are not made with the same thicker fleece that men’s track pants are made of. Women also get cold during winter.


"More importantly, I can not fathom what it is about my gender that suggests I would not require pockets in my track pants. I use pockets in my pants literally every day.

"Let me give you some examples: to put dog treats in; to put my keys in; to put a pen in; to put my phone in. There are many more examples I can give but I will leave it there.

"I, too, want to spend $8 on a basic pair of track pants that are fleecy and warm and have POCKETS.

Women's grey track pants with pockets
Kmart does offer women's track pants with pockets, but they're more than triple the price at $25. Photo: Kmart

"I also understand that nothing is stopping me from buying men’s track pants. My problem is, being short in stature, I find men’s track pants to be far too long and unfortunately unwearable.

"PLEASE, I implore you to consider stocking women’s track pants made of the same fleece that mens are made of and for the love of god, with POCKETS."

She added in the comments: "What I want is a product that is equal in quality to the men’s equivalent. I don’t want to be forced to pay more for a product because of my gender. Or is that asking too much?"

The post had many agreeing with her, with one user writing: "I second this!"

"We want gender-equal features for the same price. We love Kmart for being ahead of the curve. This is one area that is lacking," another added.

However, many thought she should just spend the extra cash on the more expensive pants.

"So you don’t want to pay for ones with pockets that use extra material and used extra labour to make yet are available?" one user wrote.

"If you want more than ‘basic’, spend more money on them," another said.

"You can buy the men's pants. Or you can pay more and get female pants with pockets. Or you can shop elsewhere," one man wrote.

"I fail to see this as a gender issue. Get off your high horse. Male and female fashions are remarkably different," another said.

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