Kmart fail leaves shoppers in stitches: 'Embarrassing'

The hilarious blunder gives new meaning to the term 'shrinkage'.

In a mistake of...miniature...proportions, a Kmart customer has left fellow shoppers in stitches after revealing the aftermath of her husband's domestic mishap—her hilariously downsized drink bottle.

"Note to self: make sure you tell your husband not to pop your water bottle through the dishwasher," she cheekily wrote in a popular Facebook group for Kmart customers, alongside a photo comparing a regular-sized bottle to its considerably smaller counterpart.

She playfully attributed the "mere male" blunder to her husband before revealing she had already bought a replacement on clearance for only $4.

The woman shared a funny comparison of the before and after of her drink bottle after it went through the drink bottle, next to a regular sized one. Source: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor
The Kmart customer shared a side-by-side comparison of her drink bottle after its fateful journey through the dishwasher. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor

"That's what ya call downsizing," one person laughed, while another jokingly referred to the mishap as "shrink-flation."


The conversation gained momentum as other Kmart lovers joined in, sharing their own tales of accidental shrinkage. "The number of times I've done this is embarrassing," one person confessed, while another chimed in, "I did this too. Accidentally cooked both my sons' bottles."

"I've fallen victim twice," laughed another member of the group.

Soon enough, the group was treated to a gallery of unintentional miniatures, with thread transforming into a collection of dishwasher fails, with other shoppers sharing amusing snaps of their own comically small Kmart water bottles.

Other shoppers shared their hilarious dishwasher fails
Other shoppers shared their hilarious dishwasher fails. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor

Meanwhile, a few users found a practical perspective. "Look... they can still be used," one person chuckled, with another adding, " a very convenient travel size."

Another group member found a silver lining, highlighting an unexpected advantage of the accidental shrinking: the lines on the drink bottle—originally serving as markers for water consumption at specific times—became significantly closer together. "He has just made reaching your daily targets easier," she laughed.

The unlikely praise for the woman's husband continued as another user chimed in, "you're lucky your husband actually put anything in the dishwasher, mine just leaves it sitting on the sink above!"

Surprising benefits

The banter went on as other group members chimed in with suggestions for repurposing the tiny drink bottle.

"The small one can be for vodka now," one person playfully proposed, while another shared an image of a hip flask, exclaiming, "now it fits better in a small handbag. A bit like this one."

One mischievous member of the group added a cheeky twist by confessing, "I'm going to give myself a timeout because my dirty mind didn't see a bottle."

Jokes aside, several group members went on to offer some sage advice, with one person warning not to ever leave a Kmart drink bottle in a hot car unless you want it to shrink and another cautioning, "Don't pour boiling water in them to clean them either!"

One group member even shared their experience of hot tap water causing shrinkage in her daughter's bottle.

"You'd think by now Kmart would use only dishwasher safe plastics," someone replied.

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