Simple Kmart dress hack shoppers are loving: 'Looks great'

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When Kasey shared her simple hack to transform a Kmart skirt into a dress, she had no idea how many people would love the idea.

In just four days, the Facebook post on Kmart Mums Australia has racked up more than 1000 likes!

kmart dress hack maxi skirt
Kmart fans loved this easy conversion from a skirt to a dress. Photo: Supplied/Facebook

"My Kmart hack," Kasey titled the post.

`"When I brought this off the rack, I thought it was a strapless dress, exactly what I was looking for with the ribbing around the chest.

"Except I didn’t like it being strapless, so a trip to Spotlight and I added straps."


It was only when she removed the tag she realised it was actually a skirt - the Side Split Maxi Skirt that costs $20.

"Oh well, it’s a perfect fit for a short girl like me; I’m 149cm ‘tall’, 4ft 11in," she added.

kmart maxi dress
The Side Split Maxi Skirt costs $20 and comes in 2 colours. Photo: Kmart

And fellow shoppers loved it.

"5ft 2in here girl, I love what you did there," one said. "It's one of my favourite dress hacks to alternate using my long skirts as strapless dresses. With a sash here, or a shawl there, it's always a new look."

"This looks great," another said. "You wouldn't even know it's meant to be a skirt. You are a shorty, like I am, so I will def keep this hack in mind."

"I’m surprised it’s gotten so many likes," Kasey told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I don’t mind a good hack. I’ve probably given most Kmart ones a go.

"I’m loving the comments that have been left; it’s all positive women uplifting women."

Kasey purchased some Birch Frilled Cambric lace at $4.25 a metre from Spotlight to make the straps and then simply sewed them on.

dress hack
Kasey purchased some Birch Frilled Cambric lace from Spotlight for the sleeves. Photo: Supplied/Facebook

"My grandma was a dressmaker, so I know my way around a sewing machine," she tells us.

"I was good at textiles back in high school."

Kasey has used her creativity with Kmart products before, transforming a tablecloth into sofa covers.

"I ‘hacked’ the Kmart table cloth to reupholster the caravan couch," she said, sharing some images with us. "That one I’m really proud of!"

Kasey has also used a Kmart tablecloth to recover her caravan sofas. Pictures show before and after shots of the caravan. It began with brown leather-look seats but now has purple covers. Third picture shows the tablecloth used as fabric.
Kasey has also used a Kmart tablecloth to recover her caravan sofas. Photo: Supplied

But she is still surprised at how many people liked her skirt-to-dress alteration.

"I honestly didn’t think my dress hack would be anything to anyone," she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I just thought it was funny it was actually meant to be a skirt, but now has turned out to be my favourite dress."

As a seasoned hacker, Kasey has advice for others wanting to try.

"Just give it a go and think outside the box on what can be used," she suggests.

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